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New Year Messages

                           of the Mother

               Matter shall reveal the Spirit's face. — Sri Aurobindo

        Editorial Note: The Sri Aurobindo Ashram has a history of
        celebrating the New Year in a solemn way. As with many oth-
        er things the Mother had the art of converting a collective
        convention into something beautiful and sublime.  In Her infi-

        nite Wisdom She would reshape and remould whatever was
        ready to undergo a change and be uplifted and integrated
        with the New Creation.  One such event is the New Year of

        the Western calendar which nevertheless is celebrated ev-
        erywhere as a moment of transition and change from the
        old to the new. In the Ashram it was ushered by the Mother
        with Her organ music and a message was distributed which
        was a prophetic indication of the times ahead or the atti-

        tude we must take towards the future that was approaching
        us. Thus taken the new year convention becomes a means
        for hastening our progress. In this issue we bring together

        all the New year messages from the early years right upto

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