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               Matter shall reveal the Spirit's face. — Sri Aurobindo


        Four Ages of Mankind                               ...   5

        The Past                                           ...  9

        The Present                                        ... 17

        The Future                                         ... 31

        Editorial note:  There is much talk about doomsday prophesy

        since the beginning of this millennium. At the same time there is
        talk about the coming of a New Age,  Satyuga as it is called.  There
        is perhaps a partial truth in both of these speculations caught by

        the human imagination but little understood. The old world is in-
        deed dying and a new world is taking shape. What this means and
        what are its implications is the subject of this issue titled Pralaya,
        or the dissolution of the world, as it is called.

        All India Magazine, May 2024                             3
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