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                Matter shall reveal the Spirit's face. — Sri Aurobindo


        Gratitude, — A Rare Virtue                 ...           5

        Fill Your Life with Gratitude              ...         13
        The Way of Gratitude                       ...         21
        The Joy of Gratitude                       ...         23

        Remembering the Divine with Gratitude      ...         36
        Two Tales of Divine Gratitude              ...         40
        Sutras on Gratitude                        ...         41

        Editorial note: Most people however understand the grati-

        tude only in relation to human beings and with regard to
        material gifts. In yoga gratitude expresses a certain state of
        consciousness that is turned towards the Divine with surren-
        der and trust, happy and content to receive whatever inner

        or outer gifts one receives from the Divine. In fact in a state
        of gratitude one takes all that happens on life as a blessing
        and gifts of grace.

        All India Magazine, June 2022                            3
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