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Flame of God

                Matter shall reveal the Spirit's face. — Sri Aurobindo

        The Immortal in our Mortal Poverty                         5

        Passenger from Life to Life                                    14
        The Eternal Seed of Transient Things                                                28

                Organisation of the Being around the Psychic
                      The first stage of transformation.
            (Spiritual significance and explanation given by the Mother)
                       Botanical name: Plumbago indica

        Editorial note: The one most important discovery to be made
        in this yoga is the discovery of the Psychic being. But first we

        must be aware of what is this special divine element within
        us. This issue is dedicated to an understanding of the psychic
        being in man, its special role and function, its importance to
        the yoga.

        All India Magazine, Nov. 2019                            3
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