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                Matter shall reveal the Spirit's face. — Sri Aurobindo


        The Setting and Background of the Gita             ...   5
        The Gita and the Battle of Life                    ...   18
        The Inner and Outer Battlefield                    ...   28

        Editorial  note:  Who  has  not  faced  the  battle  of  life?
        Perhaps either the dead or the yet to be born! Though this
        battle,  this  struggle,  this  conflict  of  forces  exists  before
        birth and continues after death. But surely one cannot go
        through life without facing some kind of an inner or outer
        battle and struggle, often both since the two are closely
        connected with each other. Though we detest it and want
        life to be just a comfortable bed of roses this struggle is
        part of our evolutionary process. It prepares us for higher
        things and helps us grow towards Perfection. In this issue
        we take up this aspect of life, the battle of life so to say,
        the inner and outer Kurukshetra through which we grow in
        wisdom and strength.

        All India Magazine, Oct. 2019                            3
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