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The World of Animals

                         (The Mother on Animals)

                Matter shall reveal the Spirit's face. — Sri Aurobindo


        The Animal Species                                 ...   5
        Man and Animal                                     ... 14
        Dealing with Animals                               ... 23

        The Mother and Animals                             ...  27
        Ashram Animals Tales                               ... 39

        Editorial note: The human species has a very human-centric
        view towards life. We believe that we are the highest and the
        best species with an almost exclusive right over the earth's re-
        sources. We believe all other things and creatures upon earth
        are only for our service and our pleasure. We believe that we
        are the center and even God must only cater and pander to
        our wishes and desires. This ignorance and arrogance have led
        to much ransacking of the earth, much man-made imbalanc-
        es and ugliness which Nature has to correct from time to time
        through rather extreme measures. Perhaps it is time to realise
        that animals and trees and plants too have a right to exist and
        treat them as creatures who are as much loved by the Divine
        if not more. This issue is dedicated to a truer understanding
        of animal life as well as inspirational stories about the Divine
        Mother's love for animals.

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