Page 3 - All India Magazine May-2023
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               Matter shall reveal the Spirit's face. — Sri Aurobindo


        What is Surrender                          ...          5

        Surrender and Effort                       ...         13
        The Process of Surrender                   ...         17
        Surrender to the Mother                    ...         31

        Editorial note: The personal effort required in the integral yoga
        is the triple labour of aspiration, rejection, surrender. Surrender
        is one of the mainstay of this yoga. Yet contrary to popular ideas
        surrender itself requires effort though once perfected it can and
        does progressively replace it. This issue is dedicated to this core
        movement of the sadhana of Integral Yoga that clearly declares
        that this yoga is impossible without the will for surrender to the
        Divine Mother.

        All India Magazine, May 2023                             3
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