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               The Mother on Savitri                                     ...                  5

               Selected Passages from Savitri                            ...                11

               Editorial Note: Savitri is the mantra of transformation, as the Mother reveals to us. The
               more we dwell in its atmosphere through reading, writing, listening, contemplating, medi-

               tating the more we grow into the Light of the Truth and the Beauty of the Future that
               Savitri brings to us. Savitri is the most important work of Sri Aurobindo, that opens for us
               the doors to a  greater consciousness, the doors to Light and Beauty and Truth and Peace
               and Wideness, the doors to the infinite Love and Ananda of the Divine, the doors to the

               rhythms of the higher Harmony.  The present issue is a selection of certain passages from
               Savitri to give us a taste and touch of the supreme revelation. It is an invitation to turn
               to the word-body and sound-body of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother that it embodies and
               enshrines and to be transformed by its living contact. It is a living Presence woven by the

               Master Seer of all times with the work of helping humanity navigate through the difficult
               passage from Man, the creation of yesterday to the divine super humanity of tomorrow.

                                            All India Magazine, January 2022
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