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Holistic Healing

                Matter shall reveal the Spirit's face. – Sri Aurobindo

        Occult Dimension of Microbes                       ...    6
        Causes of illness                                  ...  12

        Restoring Health                                   ...  21
        Words of Sri Aurobindo                             ...  39

           Not to be preoccupied with it, but to leave it to the Divine.
        (Spiritual significance and explanation of the flower given by the Mother)
                     Botanical name: Thespesia populnea

        Editorial note: What do we do when caught in the mesh of an ill-
        ness? What are its deeper causes? Is there something that we can
        and should do when confronted by an illness or everything depends
        upon the doctor and the medicine he prescribes? These are some of
        the questions that have stirred the mind of man in the wake of recent
        Pandemic. In this issue we share profound insights and some practi-
        cal ways regarding health and healing and our role in it.

        All India Magazine, May 2020                             3
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