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1st January 1972
               This year is consecrated to Sri Aurobindo.
                   To understand his teaching better and try to put it into practice, is certainly the best
               way of showing our gratitude to him for all the light, knowledge and force which he has so
               generously brought to the earth.
                   May his teaching enlighten and guide us, and what we cannot do today, we shall do
                   Let us take the right attitude in all sincerity, and it will truly be a BONNE ANNÉE.
               Without the Divine we are limited, incompetent and helpless beings; with the Divine, if we
               give ourselves entirely to Him, all is possible and our progress is limitless.
                   A special help has come upon the earth for Sri Aurobindo’s centenary year; let us take
               advantage of it to overcome the ego and emerge into the light.
               CWM 13: 16                                                                                        The Mother

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