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When physical conditions are a little difficult and some dis-
        comfort follows, if one knows how to surrender completely
        before Thy will, caring little for life or death, health or ill-
        ness, the integral being enters immediately into harmony
        with Thy law of love and life, and all physical indisposition
        ceases giving place to a calm well-being, deep and peaceful.
            But the supreme science, O Lord, is to unite with Thee,
        to trust in Thee, to live in Thee, to be Thyself; and then noth-
        ing is any longer impossible to a man who manifests Thy
            Lord, my aspiration rises to Thee like a silent canticle,
        a mute adoration, and Thy divine Love illumines my heart.
            O divine Master, I bow to Thee!
        CWM 1: 101                                                          The Mother

        4                                All India Magazine, May 2020
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