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From the beginning to the end of this Kali age, a fierce battle
        has been raging and will continue to rage between man and
        Kali. As helpers or leaders in that battle, the emanations
        and incarnations of God come down frequently during this
        period. God took on a human form at the opening of Kali in
        order to maintain the power of the Brahmin, the knowledge,
        devotion and desireless works, and teach these things that
        they might be of use in that battle. On the safety of India
        rest the hope and foundation of man's well-being. God saved
        India in Kurukshetra. In that ocean of blood, the Great Being
        in the form of Time the Destroyer began to take his delight
        in the sporting Lotus of a new world.
        CWSA 9:150                                                         Sri Aurobindo

        4                                All India Magazine, Oct. 2019
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