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Psychological Perfection

        The five Qualities
            Mother shows the white Champak flower she is holding in her
            hand. She has named the flower “Psychological Perfection”.

        (Counting the petals) One, two, three, four, five psychological
        perfections. What are the five psychological perfections?

        For they can be changed. And in fact, to tell you my secrets,
        every time I give it to someone, they are not always the same
        psychological perfections. That depends on people’s needs.
        Even to the same person I may give at different times differ-
        ent psychological perfections; so it’s not fixed. But the first
        time this flower was named “Psychological Perfection”; at
        that time they were noted down, but as for me it is some-
        thing very fluid — I told you it depends on the circumstances
        and needs — I don’t remember what was chosen the first

        So, if someone knows it, he can tell us, we’ll compare.
            I am not sure.

        You are not sure. Is there anyone who is sure?

            Aspiration, devotion, sincerity and faith.

        That makes only four, so far.

            And surrender.

        Surrender? Someone told me something else.

            Faith, sincerity, aspiration, devotion, surrender.
        But that’s what he just said. (Turning to another disciple) You

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