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The Setting and Background of the Gita

        The Time, Place and Circumstance of the Gita
            In order to understand fully the motives and causes of the
        acts and words of a man, it is necessary to know under what cir-
        cumstances the acts were done or the words spoken. When at
        the start of the great war of Kurukshetra the exchange of missiles
        had begun, pravrtte Qastra-sampDte, it was at that moment that
        the Lord revealed the Gita. To many this has occasioned surprise
        and annoyance; they say it must have been due to the author's
        carelessness or faulty intelligence. But in actual fact, Sri Krishna
        revealed the knowledge contained in the Gita, at that particular
        moment and in that situation to a person in that frame of mind,
        with full knowledge of the time, place and circumstance.
            The time was at the commencement of the war. Those who
        have  not  developed  or  put  to  a  test  their  heroic  qualities  or
        strength in a mighty flood of action can never be fit to receive
        the knowledge given in the Gita. Moreover those who have em-
        barked on a great and difficult endeavour, an endeavour which au-
        tomatically gives rise to many obstacles and obstructions, many
        enmities, fears of many setbacks, when in the course of that great
        endeavour there is acquired a divine strength, to them at that mo-
        ment in order to take the endeavour to its final conclusion, for
        the successful carrying out of the divine's work is this knowledge
        revealed. The Gita lays down in the Yoga of works the foundations
        of the path to God. It is through works done with faith and devo-
        tion that knowledge is born. Therefore the traveller on the path
        indicated by the Gita does not leave the path and have the vision
        of God in a remote and quiet hermitage or hill or in a secluded
        spot; that heavenly Light illumines the world for him, that sweet
        and powerful Word comes within his hearing, all of a sudden in
        midway, amidst the noise and bustle of works.

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