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Life has a purpose.
            This purpose is to find and to serve the Divine.
            The Divine is not far, He is in ourselves, deep inside and
        above the feelings and  the thoughts.  With the Divine  is
        peace and certitude and even the solution of all difficulties.
            Hand over your problems to the Divine and He will pull
        you out of all difficulties.
        CWM Vol. 14, p. 5  (3 July 1970)                                  The Mother
        The Divine is that from which all comes, in which all lives,
        and to return to the  truth of the  Divine*  now clouded
        over by Ignorance is the soul’s aim in life. In its supreme
        Truth, the Divine is absolute and infinite peace, conscious-
        ness, existence, power and Ananda.
                             CWSA Vol. 28, p. 5  (SABCL Vol. 23, p. 1081)
        We  know the  Divine  and become  the  Divine,  because  we
        are That already in our secret nature. ... all becoming is an
        unfolding. Self-attainment is the secret*; self-knowledge
        and an increasing consciousness  are  the  means  and the
        CWSA Vol. 23, p. 54  (SABCL Vol. 20, p. 48)                           Sri Aurobindo

                Our life shall find in its fulfilled response
                Above, the boundless hushed beatitudes,
                Below, the wonder of the embrace divine.
          Savitri, p. 315                                       Sri Aurobindo

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