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What is yoga

                                Life and Yoga
                                    In the right view both of life and of Yoga all life is either con-
                                sciously or subconsciously a Yoga. For we mean by this term a
                                methodised  eff ort  towards self-perfection by  the  expression of
                                the secret potentialities latent in the being and — highest condi-
                                tion of victory in that eff ort — a union of the human individual
                                with  the  universal  and  transcendent  Existence we  see  partially
                                expressed in man and in the Cosmos. But all life, when we look
                                behind its appearances, is a vast Yoga of Nature who attempts in
                                the conscious and the subconscious to realise her perfection in an
                                ever-increasing expression of her yet unrealised potentialities and
                                to unite herself with her own divine reality. In man, her thinker,
                                she for the fi rst time upon this Earth devises selfconscious means
                                and willed arrangements of activity by which this great purpose
                                may  be  more  swiftly  and  puissantly  attained.  Yoga,  as  Swami
                                Vivekananda has said, may be regarded as a means of compress-
                                ing one’s evolution into a single life or a few years or even a few
                                months of bodily existence.
                                                                               CWSA 23: 6-7

                                The object of Yoga
                                    The object of our Yoga is self-perfection, not self-annulment.
                                    There are two paths set for the feet of the Yogin, withdrawal
                                from the universe and perfection in the Universe; the fi rst comes
                                by asceticism, the second is eff ected by tapasya; the fi rst receives
                                us when we lose God in Existence, the second is attained when we
                                fulfi l existence in God. Let ours be the path of perfection, not of
                                abandonment; let our aim be victory in the battle, not the escape
                                from all confl ict.
                                    Buddha and Shankara supposed the world to be radically false
                                and miserable; therefore escape from the world was to them the

                                All India Magazine, September 2020
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