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The Immortal in our Mortal Poverty

        Paramatma, Atma, Jivatma
            The self, Atman, is in its nature either transcendent or uni-
        versal (Paramatma, Atma); when it individualises and becomes
        a central being, it is then the Jivatman. The Jivatman feels his
        oneness with the universal but at the same time his central sep-
        arateness as a portion of the Divine.
        The Spirit, Central being and the Psychic being
            The Spirit is the Atman, Brahman, Essential Divine.
            When the one Divine manifests its ever inherent multiplic-
        ity, this essential Self or Atman becomes for that manifestation
        the Jivatman, the central being who presides from above over
        the evolution of its personalities and terrestrial lives here, but is
        itself an eternal portion of the Divine and prior to the terrestrial
        manifestation — parDprakrtirjnvabhutD.
            In this lower manifestation, aparDprakrti, this eternal por-
        tion of the Divine appears as the soul, a spark of the Divine Fire,
        supporting the individual evolution, supporting the mental,
        vital and physical being. The psychic being is the spark growing
        into a Fire, evolving with the growth of the consciousness. The
        psychic being is therefore evolutionary, not like the Jivatman,
        prior to the evolution.
                                                        CWSA 28: 56

        The central being and the soul are both in different ways por-
        tions of the Divine. They are in fact two aspects of the same
        entity, but one is unevolving above Nature, the other evolves a
        psychic being in Nature.

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