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Four Ages of Mankind

        Vishnu and the four Yugas
            According to the Hindu theory of the Yugas, it is in the
        Dwapara that everything is codified, ritualised, formalised. In the
        Satya Vishnu descends among men as Yajna. Yajna is the spirit of
        adoration and sacrifice, and in the Satya yajna reigns in the hearts
        of men, and there is no need of external ritual, external sacrific-
        es, elaborate law, government, castes, classes and creeds. Men
        follow the law by the necessity of their purified nature and their
        complete knowledge. The kingdom of God & the Veda are in the
        hearts of His people. In the Treta the old perfect order begins to
        break and Vishnu descends as the chakravarti raja, the warrior and
        ruler, Kartavirya, Parsurama, Rama, and the sword, the law and the
        written Veda are instituted to govern men. But there is still great
        elasticity and freedom and within certain limits men follow the
        healthy impulse of their nature, only slightly corrupted by the first
        descent from purity. It is in the Dwapara that form and rule have
        to take the place of the idea and the spirit as the true governors
        of religion, ethics and society. Vishnu then descends as Vyasa, the
        great codifier and systematiser of knowledge.
                                                     CWSA 18-163-64

        The ancient theory of cyclic evolution
            The ancient theory supposed that in an entirely right and
        sound condition of man, individual and collective, — a condition
        typified by the legendary Golden Age, Satya Yuga, Age of Truth, —
        there is no need of any political government or State or artificial
        construction of society, because all then live freely according to
        the truth of their enlightened self and God-inhabited being and
        therefore spontaneously according to the inner divine Dharma.
        The self-determining individual and self-determining community

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