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Gratitude, — A Rare Virtue

        The Virtues (A tale for young and old)
            Once upon a time there was a splendid palace, in the
        heart of which lay a secret sanctuary, whose threshold no
        being had ever crossed.  Furthermore, even its outermost
        galleries were almost inaccessible to mortals, for the palace
        stood on a very high cloud, and very few, in any age, could
        find the way to it.
            It was the palace of Truth.
            One day a festival was held there, not for men but for
        very different beings, gods and goddesses great and small,
        who on earth are honoured by the name of Virtues.
            The vestibule of the palace was a great hall, where the
        walls, the floor, the ceiling, luminous in themselves, were
        resplendent with a myriad glittering fires.
            It was the Hall of Intelligence. Near to the ground, the
        light was very soft and had a beautiful deep sapphire hue,
        but it became gradually clearer towards the ceiling, from
        which girandoles of diamonds hung like chandeliers, their
        myriad facets shooting dazzling rays.
            The Virtues came separately, but soon formed congenial
        groups, full of joy to find themselves for once at least to-
        gether, for they are usually so widely scattered throughout
        the world and the worlds, so isolated amid so many alien
            Sincerity reigned over the festival. She was dressed in a
        transparent robe, like clear water, and held in her hand a
        cube of purest crystal, through which things can be seen as
        they really are, far different from what they usually seem,
        for there their image is reflected without distortion.
            Near to her, like two faithful guardians, stood Humility,
        at once respectful and proud, and Courage, lofty-browed,

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