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The Animal Species

        Psychic element
            Sri Aurobindo: It is again man's ignorance that makes
        him think that he is the greatest being in creation. Many
        dogs have got a much finer psychic being than many men!
            Would you believe if I were to tell you that there is
        a psychic element in the love-making of animals ? Take
        our cat. Big-boy. When he makes love to Bite-bite he is
        physical; when he makes love to Baby, he is vital; when
        he makes love to Mimi, he is emotional and senti mental ;
        and when he makes love to Girly, he is psychic !

               Disciple : Then how is it that man is regarded as the
              highest being in creation ?

        Sri  Aurobindo: It is the egoistic ignorance of man that
        makes him think so. He is high because there is in him
        the possibility of evolving a divine life. You can say also
        that he is high because he has developed a mind and the
        mind gives him a chance of conscious evolution. But it
        does not necessarily follow that because man is a mental
        being he has used his mind for his evolution. Exactly be-
        cause he has a mind, man has an infinite capacity to be
        devilish. He brings to the help of his devil a mind, and
        the devil himself can't be so bad as man with his mind
        when he puts it at the service of his vital being.

             Disciple : But then there is the great difference between
             man's body and the animals.

        Sri Aurobindo : That is all; and even that is not so much as
        you try to make it out to be.

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