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Supermind and Overmind

                  Sri Aurobindo’s work is a unique earth-transformation.
                     Above the mind there are several levels of conscious
                  being, among which the really divine world is what Sri
                  Aurobindo has called the Supermind, the world of the Truth.
                  But in between is what he has distinguished as the Overmind,
                  the world of the cosmic Gods. Now it is this Overmind that
                  has up to the present governed our world: it is the highest
                  that man has been able to attain in illumined consciousness.
                  It has been taken for the Supreme Divine and all those who
                  have reached it have never for a moment doubted that they
                  have touched the true Spirit. For, its splendours are so great
                  to the ordinary human consciousness that it is absolutely
                  dazzled into believing that here at last is the crowning real-
                  ity. And yet the fact is that the Overmind is far below the true
                  Divine. It is not the authentic home of the Truth. It is only
                  the domain of the formateurs, all those creative powers and
                  deities to whom men have bowed down since the beginning
                  of history. And the reason why the true Divine has not mani-
                  fested and transformed the earth-nature is precisely that the
                  Overmind has been mistaken for the Supermind. The cosmic
                  Gods do not wholly live in the Truth-Consciousness: they are
                  only in touch with it and represent, each of them, an aspect
                  of its glories. ...
                     The Overmind, therefore, does not and cannot possess
                  the power to transform humanity into divine nature. For
                  that, the Supramental is the sole effective agent. And what

                  exactly differentiates our Yoga from attempts in the past to

                  spiritualise life is that we know that the splendours of the
                  Overmind are not the highest reality but only an intermedi-
                  ate step between the mind and the true Divine.
                  CWM 3: 173-74                                  The Mother

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