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The Mother on Savitri

               What is Savitri
                   Savitri is really a condensation, a concentration of the universal Mother—the eternal
               universal Mother, Mother of all universes from all eternity — in an earthly personality for the
               Earth’s salvation. And Satyavan is the soul of the Earth, the Earth’s jiva. So when the Lord
               says, ‘he whom you love and whom you have chosen,’ it means the earth. All the details
               are there! When she comes back down, when Death has yielded at last, when all has been
               settled and the Supreme tells her, ‘Go, go with him, the one you have chosen,’ how does
               Sri Aurobindo describe it? He says that she very carefully takes the soul of Satyavan into
               her arms, like a little child, to pass through all the realms and come back down to earth.
               Everything is there! He hasn’t forgotten a single detail to make it easy to understand — for
               someone who knows how to understand. And it is when Savitri reaches the earth that
               Satyavan regains his full human stature.
                                                      The Mother: Conversation with a Disciple, January 22, 1961

               You know, Savitri is an exact description — not literature, not poetry (although the form
               is very poetical) — an exact description, step by step, paragraph by paragraph, page by
               page; as I read, I relived it all. Besides, many of my own experiences that I recounted to Sri
               Aurobindo seem to have been incorporated into Savitri. He has included many of them —
               Nolini says so; he was familiar with the first version Sri Aurobindo wrote long ago, and he
               said that an enormous number of experiences were added when it was taken up again. This
               explained to me why … suddenly, as I read it, I live the experience — line by line, page by
               page. The realism of it is astounding.
                                                          The Mother: Conversation with a Disciple, July 4, 1961

               The importance of Savitri
                   One reads Savitri to develop one’s intelligence and to understand deeper things. One
               concentrates at the Samadhi to grow in devotion and to put oneself in contact with Sri
               Aurobindo in order to receive his help. If these things have any value for you, you must do
               them regularly, because it is the laziness of unconsciousness that keeps you from doing
               them. You are born for a spiritual and conscious life — but perhaps you are still too young
               to have the will to realise it.  Blessings.
                                                                                     CWM 16: 397

               Read Savitri Always
                   It does not matter if you do not understand it — Savitri, read it always. You will see that
               every time you read it, there will be something new experience; things which were not here,
               things you did not understand arise and suddenly become clear. Always an unexpected vi-
               sion comes up through the words and lines. Every time you try to read and understand, you

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