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and half-perfection. Therefore men cry out dismally & lament that
        all is perishing. But if they trusted in God's Love & Wisdom, not
        preferring to it their conservative & narrow notions, they would
        rather cry out that all is being reborn.
        CWSA 12: 55                                                            Sri Aurobindo

              Can the manifestation come to its dissolution, its Pralaya?

          A very old tradition, more ancient than the Vedas, says
          that the present manifestation is the seventh, and that
          the six preceding ones were followed by six pralayas, but
          this one will be transformed perpetually, without return-
          ing to the Creator.
          3 September 1969                                                                      The Mother

          The greater the destruction, the freer the chances of cre-
          ation; but the destruction is often long, slow and oppres-
          sive, the creation tardy in its coming or interrupted in its
          triumph. The night returns again and again and the day lin-
          gers or seems even to have been a false dawning. Despair
          not therefore but watch and work. Those who hope vio-
          lently, despair swiftly: neither hope nor fear, but be sure
          of God's purpose and thy will to accomplish.
          CWSA 13: 209                                                            Sri Aurobindo

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