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Fitness to receive the Gita
            Arjuna,  the  friend  of  Krishna,  is  the  principal  actor  in  the
        Mahabharata; in the Gita the teaching about the yoga of works is
        the primary teaching. Knowledge, devotion and works, these three
        paths are not mutually contradictory. In the path of works, to do
        works founded on knowledge and in the power given by devotion,
        to act for the purpose of God, at His bidding and in union with Him,
        this is the teaching of the Gita. Those who are frightened by the
        sorrows of the world, tormented by the distaste for life, vairDgya,
        those who have lost interest in this play of God, are desirous of
        hiding themselves in the lap of Infinity and leave this play, theirs
        is a different path. No such feeling or desire was there in Arjuna,
        the mighty warrior and the bravest of heroic men. Sri Krishna has
        not revealed this supreme secret to a quiet ascetic or wise philoso-
        pher, has not elected any Brahmin vowed to non-violence as the
        recipient of this teaching; a Kshatriya warrior of tremendous might
        and prowess was considered to be the fit receptacle for obtaining
        this incomparable knowledge. He alone is capable of entry into the
        deepest secrets of this teaching who can remain undisturbed by
        victories or defeats in the battle of life. This Self is not to be won
        by one who lacks in strength: nDyam-DtmD balahnnena labhyaU. He
        alone who cherishes an aspiration to find God in preference to a
        desire for liberation, mumukIutva, can have a taste of the proximity
        of God, realise himself as eternally free in his true nature, and will be
        capable of rejecting the desire for liberation as being the last resort
        of the Ignorance. He alone is capable of passing beyond the modes
        of Nature, gunDtnta, who after rejecting the tamasic and rajasic forms
        of egoism is unwilling to remain bound even by an egoism of the
        sattwic type. Arjuna has fulfilled his rajasic propensities by following
        the law of the Kshatriya, and has, at the same time, given the power
        of rajas a turn towards  sattva, by accepting the sattwic ideal. Such a
        person is an excellent receptacle for the Gita's teaching…. CWSA 9:99

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