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Divine spark
            Of course one cannot say that every man has got a psy-
        chic being, just as one cannot refuse to grant it to every ani-
        mal. Many animals that have lived near man have some
        beginnings of it, while so often one comes across people
        who do not seem to be anything else than brutes. Here,
        too, there has been a good deal of levelling. But on the
        whole, the psychic in the true sense starts at the human
        stage: that is also why the Catholic religion declares that
        only man has a soul. In man alone there is the possibility
        of the psychic being growing to its full stature even so far
        as to be able in the end to join and unite with a descending
        being, a godhead from above.

                                                        CWM 3: 151

        Most people say there is “consciousness”  when they
        begin to think—when one doesn’t think one is not con-
        scious. But plants are perfectly conscious and yet they do
        not think. They have very precise sensations which are
        the expression of a consciousness, but they do not think.
        Animals begin to think and their reactions are much more
        complex. But both plants and animals are conscious. One
        can be conscious of a sensation without having the least
                                                     CWM 4: 240-241

        Genus of the species
            In animals there is sometimes a very intense psychic
        truth. Naturally, I believe that the psychic being is a lit-
        tle more formed, a little more conscious in a child than
        in an animal. But I have experimented with animals, just
        to know; well, I assure you that in human beings I have

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