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Yoga Partial and Complete
                                   Yoga means union and the whole object of Yoga is the union
                                of the human soul with the supreme Being and of the present
                                nature of humanity with the eternal, supreme or divine Nature.
                                   The greater the union, the greater the Yoga, the more com-           whose combination in the food sheath and the vital vehicle con-
                                plete the union, the more complete the Yoga. ...
                                   The complete Yoga will be one which accepts God in the world
                                and oneness with all beings and solidarity with the human kind,
                                fi lls life and existence with the God-consciousness and not only
                                raises man the individual but leads man the race towards a total
                                perfection.                                                             to drive the physical engine during the normal span of human life
                                CWSA 12: 334-35                                                                  Sri Aurobindo

                                                                                                        world-environment by which it is conditioned. Hathayoga there-
                                                                                                        fore seeks to rectify Nature and establish another equilibrium by
                                                                                                        which the physical frame will be able to sustain the inrush of an

                                   The ideal
                                      The ideal Yogin is no withdrawn and pent-up force, but
                                   ever engaged in doing good to all creatures, either by the
                                   fl ood of the divine energy that he pours on the world or by
                                   himself standing in the front of humanity, its leader in the
                                   march and the battle, but unbound by his works and supe-             the body. Its processes are physical, strenuous, colossal, complex,
                                   rior to his personality.
                                   CWSA 13:10                                                  Sri Aurobindo  the body. The number of Asanas in the modern or mixed Hatha-
                                                                                                        yoga is limited, but even then they are numerous and painful; in
                                                                                                        the ancient or pure Hathayoga, they were innumerable and the

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