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Opening to the Mother’s Presence
            Make  yourself  quiet  and  open—have  complete  confi-
        dence and you will feel the Mother’s presence with you.
            The Mother says, “Keep yourself always open to me” and “I
            am always with you and around you.” How am I to feel her
            presence always? Also, what does “conscious” mean and how
            does one become conscious?
        The Divine Mother is everywhere and at all times she is with
        you. If one opens and becomes conscious, then one can feel
        her presence. It is because the nature is ignorant, full of it-
        self and its desires that one cannot feel the presence. If one
        turns from self and desires and lives inwardly and outwardly
        for the Divine, then one begins to feel the divine Presence.

                                                      CWSA 32: 167

        It is by the constant remembrance that the being is prepared
        for the full opening. By the opening of the heart the Mother’s
        presence begins to be felt and by the opening to her Power
        above the Force of the higher consciousness comes down
        into the body and works there to change the whole nature.
        The formless and the form
            It is quite necessary to realise the Mother in her formless
        presence and not only in her form.
            Is there any difference between the Mother’s Presence and
            the Divine Consciousness?

        One  can  feel  the  Divine  Consciousness  impersonally as  a
        new consciousness only. The Mother’s Presence is some-
        thing more —one feels herself there present within or above

                                     All India Magazine, February 2021
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