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The Mother’s experience during Yoga of the Earth
            There is at the moment an entire study going on in the
        subconscient on the cause of illnesses. I am not seeing very
        pleasant things....
            There is a whole zone in the most material vital which
        penetrates, as it were, the subtle physical – that's where ill-
        nesses are formed. You see swarms of completely crooked
        formations – a lack of sincerity. And it expresses itself in im-
        ages: I see all kinds of people and do all kinds of things in a
        special zone – the same people who are elsewhere are here
        too under a special aspect. It's a mixture of the deformation
        of consciousness, the deformation of language, the defor-
        mation of forms – swarms and swarms! ... For hours.
            But I was always accompanied by a form, not a very pre-
        cise one, but which was the materialisation in that realm
        of the Lord's Presence. I remember having for the work en-
        tered a huge room, completely bare, without anything, in a
        half-light, when suddenly I felt something grabbing hold of
        me here (gesture at the nape of the neck), something I even
        felt physically (I was lying in my bed, but I felt it physically).
        So I pointed it out to that Form which was accompanying
        me  everywhere  –  so  attentive,  so  close  –  to  explain  and
        show things to me; I complained, saying, "Look, something
        has grabbed hold of me, it even hurts physically." So I saw
        a kind of arm come and take that thing on my neck, pull it
        away and present it to me: it was like one of those big bats
        that are called flying fox (there are some here, they eat little
        birds, chicks ...), it was clinging to my neck! He said, "Oh,
        it's nothing! It's only that." (Mother laughs) And it was a big
        thing like this (about three feet) which had grabbed hold of
        me here and had its two claws still out (he had wrenched it
        off my neck). It had become flat and almost inert, but it was

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