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I have known children who were much more conscious of their
        psychic being at the age of five than at fourteen, and at four-
        teen than at twenty-five; and above all, from the moment they
        go to school where they undergo that kind of intensive mental
        training which draws their attention to the intellectual part of
        their being, they lose almost always and almost completely this
        contact with their psychic being.
                                                          CWM 4: 26

        Look carefully, then, into the eyes of little children, and you will
        see a kind of light — some describe it as candid — but so true,
        so true, which looks at the world with wonder. Well, this sense
        of wonder, it is the wonder of the psychic which sees the truth
        but does not understand much about the world, for it is too far
        from it. Children have this but as they learn more, become more
        intelligent, more educated, this is effaced, and you see all sorts
        of things in their eyes: thoughts, desires, passions, wickedness
        — but this kind of little flame, so pure, is no longer there. And
        you may be sure it is the mind that has got in there, and the
        psychic has gone very far behind.
                                                       CWM 4: 26-27

        Gods and the psychic being
            The gods are faultless, for they live according to their own
        nature, spontaneously and without constraint; it is their godly
        way. But if one looks at it from a higher point of view, if one has
        a higher vision, a vision of the whole, they have fewer qualities
        than man. In this film, it was proved that through their capacity
        for love and self-giving, men can have as much power as the
        gods, and even more – when they are not egoists, when they
        can overcome their egoism.
            Certainly man is nearer  the Supreme than the gods.

        8                                All India Magazine, Nov. 2019
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