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for me is to give up the game, for He finds me unworthy of
            So, unless one adds to faith a total and complete trust
        in the Divine Grace, there will be difficulties. So both are
        necessary. ...

        Devotion or Gratitude
            Now, we have put “devotion” in this series. Yes, devotion
        is all very well, but unless it is accompanied by many other
        things it too may make many mistakes. It may meet with
        great difficulties.
            You  have  devotion,  and  you  keep  your  ego.  And  then
        your ego makes you do all sorts of things out of devotion,
        things which are terribly egoistic. That is to say, you think
        only of yourself, not of others, nor of the world, nor of the
        work, nor of what ought to be done — you think only of your
        devotion. And you become tremendously egoistic. And so,
        when you find out that the Divine, for some reason, does not
        answer to your devotion with the enthusiasm you expected
        of Him, you despair and fall back into the same three difficul-
        ties I was just speaking about: either the Divine is cruel — we
        have read that, there are many such stories, of enthusiastic
        devotees who abuse the Divine because He is no longer as
        gentle and near to them as before, He has withdrawn, “Why
        hast Thou deserted me? Thou hast abandoned me, O mon-
        ster!...” They don’t dare to say this, but think it, or else they
        say, “Oh! I must have made such a serious mistake that I am
        thrown out”, and they fall into despair.
            But there is another movement which should constantly
        accompany devotion.... That kind of sense of gratitude that
        the Divine exists; that feeling of a marvelling thankfulness
        which truly fills you with a sublime joy at the fact that the

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