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The Fundamental Reality Hidden from Our Knowledge
         And a Means by Which We can Arrive at the True Knowledge

        All existence, whatever its appearance or its process of be-
        ing, is and draws its substance, origin, energy, truth from
        a Spirit which is the beginning, middle and end of all — it-
        self being eternal, infinite, self-existent beyond end or be-
        ginning, beyond Space and Time, beyond Form and Quality
        and Circumstance as well as in Space and Time, in Form and
        Quality and Circumstance. This  is the  fundamental  Real-
        ity which is hidden from our knowledge, the one Truth on
        which all other truths depend, those that affirm it as well
        as those that seem to contradict it. To be conscious of this
        Reality and its right relations with the other truths or ap-
        pearances of existence, to live in it and govern by its Truth
        all our being, consciousness, nature, will, action would then
        be the law of a perfect life. If human life is imperfect, it is
        because its consciousness moves seeking, groping, experi-
        menting in a fundamental ignorance of the real truth of its
        own being and is therefore unable to know or to effectuate
        the true law of its life. It is only if man can overcome this
        ignorance and inability that he can hope to perfect his life
        and nature. ... The hope that by using our reason and observ-
        ing or utilising the laws of Nature we can arrive at a perfect
        life here is futile, for our nature here being itself ignorant
        and imperfect cannot arrive at anything better than a miti-
        gated imperfection and ignorance. But if there is a means
        by which we can arrive at a true knowledge of the reality
        behind things and enter into its Truth and Light and Power
        then there is no reason why our life here should not become
        divine and perfect. It is through Yoga that this means can
        be found. ... CWSA 12: 177-78                                     Sri Aurobindo

                                         All India Magazine, July 2021
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