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Yoga, Sadhana, Dhyana
            Yoga is union with the Divine, sadhana is what you do in order
        to unite with the Divine. You have to get away from the ordinary
        human consciousness and get into touch with the divine Con-
            For that call always on the Mother, open yourself to her, aspire
        and pray for her Force to work in you so as to make you fit — reject
        desire, restlessness, disturbances of the mind and vital. Dhyana
        means to make the mind and vital quiet and concentrate in aspi-
        ration for the Mother’s Peace, the Mother’s Presence, her Light,
        Force and Ananda.
        Divine Force cannot do things in the void
            Sadhana is necessary and the Divine Force cannot do things
        in the void but must lead each one according to his nature to the
        point at which he can feel the Mother working within and doing
        all for him. Till then the sadhak’s aspiration, self- consecration, as-
        sent and support to the Mother’s workings, his rejection of all that
        comes in the way is very necessary — indispensable.
                                                   (CWSA 32:135, 137)
        Aim of Sadhana
            It is true that each being is an instrument of the cosmic Shakti,
        therefore of the Mother. But the aim of the sadhana is to become
        a conscious and perfect instrument instead of one that is uncon-
        scious and therefore imperfect. You can be a conscious and per-
        fect instrument only when you are no longer acting in obedience
        to the ignorant push of the lower nature, but in surrender to the
        Mother and aware of her higher Force acting within you. So here
        too your intuition was perfectly true.
        (CWSA 32:243)                                   Sri Aurobindo

        8                              All India Magazine, March 2023
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