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longer, to be Himself entirely, completely, totally without
        any personal reaction intervening, this is the ideal attitude;
        and besides, it is the only one which makes it possible for you
        to go forward in life and in the work, absolutely protected
        from everything and protected from yourself which is of all
        dangers the greatest for you — there is no greater danger
        than the self (I take “self” in the sense of an egoistic self). ...

            Q: But why does the Divine want to manifest Himself
            on earth in this chaos?

            Because this is why He has created the earth, not for
        any other motive; the earth is He Himself in a deformation
        and He wants to establish it back again in its truth. Earth
        is not something separated from Him and alien to Him. It
        is a deformation of Himself which must once again become
        what it was in its essence, that is, the Divine.

            Q: Then why is He a stranger to us?

            But He is not a stranger, my child. You fancy that He is
        a stranger, but He is not, not in the least. He is the essence
        of your being — not at all alien. You may not know Him, but
        He is not a stranger; He is the very essence of your be-
        ing. Without the Divine you would not exist. Without the
        Divine you could not exist even for the millionth part of a
        second. Only, because you live in a kind of false illusion and
        deformation, you are not conscious. You are not conscious
        of yourself, you are conscious of something which you think
        to be yourself, but which isn’t you.

            Q: Then what is myself, Sweet Mother?

        The Divine!
        CWM 7: 198-99                                                                  The Mother

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