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take one step forward and think you are secure, but there
        will always be something to bring back the same difficulty a
        little farther on. You think you have solved the problem, you
        must solve it yet once again; it will turn up again looking
        just a little different, but it will be the same problem”, and if
        you are not determined that: “Even if it comes back a million
        times, I shall do it a million times, but I shall go through with
        it”, well, you won’t be able to do the yoga. This is absolutely
            People have a beautiful experience and say, “Ah, now this
        is it!...” And then it settles down, diminishes, gets veiled, and
        suddenly something quite unexpected, absolutely common-
        place and apparently completely uninteresting comes before
        you and blocks your way. And then you say, “Ah! what’s the
        good of having made this progress if it’s going to start all
        over again? Why should I do it? I made an effort, I succeeded,
        achieved something, and now it’s as if I had done nothing!
        It’s indeed hopeless.” For you have no endurance.
            If one has endurance, one says, “It’s all right. Good, I shall
        begin again as often as necessary; a thousand times, ten
        thousand times, a hundred thousand times if necessary, I
        shall begin again — but I shall go to the end and nothing will
        have the power to stop me on the way.”
            This is most necessary. Most necessary.
            So here’s my proposal: we put surrender first, at the top
        of the list, that is, we accept what Sri Aurobindo has said—
        that to do the integral yoga one must first resolve to sur-
        render entirely to the Divine, there is no other way, this is
        the way. But after that one must have the five psychological
        virtues, five psychological perfections, and we say that these
        perfections are:
            Sincerity or Transparency
            Faith or Trust (Trust in the Divine, naturally)

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