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When Sri Aurobindo says that illness comes from out-
            side, what exactly is it that comes?

        It is a kind of vibration made up of a mental suggestion, a
        vital force of disorder and certain physical elements which
        are the materialisation of the mental suggestion and the vi-
        tal vibration. And these physical elements can be what we
        have agreed to call germs, microbes, this and that and many
        other things.
            It may be accompanied by a sensation, may be accom-
        panied by a taste, also by a smell, if one has very developed
        subtle senses. There are these formations of illness which
        give a special taste to the air, a special smell or a slight spe-
        cial sensation.
            People have many senses which are asleep. They are
        terribly tamasic. If all the senses they possess were awake,
        there are many things they would perceive, which can just
        pass by without anyone suspecting anything.
            For  example,  many  people  have  a  certain  kind  of  in-
        fluenza at the moment. It is very wide-spread. Well, when
        it comes close, it has a special taste, a special smell, and
        it brings you a certain contact (naturally not like a blow),
        something a little more subtle, a certain contact, exactly as
        when you pass your hand over something, backwards over
        some material...
        CWM 7: 144                                                          The Mother

          Man was once naturally  healthy  and could revert  to
          that primal condition if he were suffered; but Medical
          science pursues our body with an innumerable pack of
          drugs and assails the imagination with ravening hordes
          of microbes.
          CWSA 12: 476                                                        Sri Aurobindo

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