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number of different kinds of Pranayam, and a man is not a perfect
                                 Hathayogin till he has mastered them all. The conquest of the Prana

                                 confirms the perfect health, vigour and vitality gained by the Asanas;
                                 it confers the power of living as long as one pleases and it adds to

                                 the four physical siddhis, the five psychical, — prakamya or absolute
                                 keenness of the mind and senses including telepathy, clairvoyance
                                 and other faculties commonly supposed to be supernormal; vyapti
                                 or the power of receiving other men’s thoughts, powers and feelings
                                 and projecting one’s own thoughts, feelings, powers or personality
                                 into others; aiswaryam or control over events, lordship, wealth and
                                 all objects of desire; vashita or the power of exacting implicit and
                                 instantaneous obedience to the spoken or written word; ishita, the
                                 perfect control over the powers of nature and over things inert or
                                 unintelligent. Some of these powers have recently been discovered
                                 in Europe as phenomena of hypnotism or will-force; but the European
                                 experiences are feeble and unscientific if compared with the achieve-

                                 ments of the ancient Hathayogins or even with those of some of
                                 the modern. The will power developed by Pranayam is, it should be
                                 noted, psychical and not spiritual.                                 CWSA 1: 505-06

                                 The movement of Prana
                                     The Prana has according to Yogic science a fivefold movement

                                 pervading all the nervous system and the whole material body and
                                 determining all its functionings. The Hathayogin seizes on the out-
                                 ward movement of respiration as a sort of key which opens to him
                                 the control of all these five powers of the Prana. He becomes sensi-

                                 bly aware of their inner operations, mentally conscious of his whole
                                 physical life and action. He is able to direct the Prana through all the
                                 n   s or nerve-channels of his system. He becomes aware of its ac-
                                 tion in the six cakras or ganglionic centres of the nervous system, and
                                 is able to open it up in each beyond its present limited, habitual and
                                 mechanical workings. He gets, in short, a perfect control of the life in
                                 the body in its most subtle nervous as well as in its grossest physical
                                 aspects, even over that in it which is at present involuntary and out
                                 of the reach of our observing consciousness and will.   CWSA 23: 535

                                 All India Magazine, May 2022
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