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Take the rose, for example; its great perfection of form, colour,
        scent expresses an aspiration and a psychic giving. Look at a rose
        opening in the morning at the first touch of the sun, it is a magnifi-
        cent self-giving in aspiration.
                                                        CWM  4: 166
        Flowers and the psychic

            What is this psychic prayer that flowers represent?
        The psychic, when it manifests in a plant, in the form of a flower, is
        in the form of a wordless prayer; it is the elan of the plant towards
        the Divine.
            You have written: "Love of flowers is a valuable help for finding and
            uniting with the psychic. Could you explain this more in detail?

            Since flowers are the manifestation of the psychic in the veg-
        etal kingdom, love of flowers would mean that one is drawn by the
        psychic vibration and consequently by the psychic in one's own
            When  you are receptive to the psychic vibration, that puts
        you in a more intimate contact with the psychic in your own self.
        Perhaps the beauty of flowers too is a means used by Nature to
        awaken in human beings the attraction for the psychic.

            How can one enter into psychic contact with flowers?
        When one is in conscious contact with one's own psychic, one be-
        comes aware of an impersonal psychic behind the whole creation
        and then, through this, one can enter into contact with flowers
        and know the psychic prayer they represent.
        Naming the Flowers
            It’s  largely  the  fragrances  that  have  made  me  give  flowers
        their significance.... I find these studies quite interesting; it cor-
        responds to something really True nature in Nature.
                          The Mother: Conversation with a Disciple, February 4, 1961

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