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Equality and action
                  A condition of perfect samata can be established in which
              one sees all as equal, friends and enemies included, and is
              not  disturbed  by what  men do or  by what happens.  The
              question is whether this is all that is demanded from us. If

              so, then the general a itude will be one of a neutral indiffer-

              ence to everything. But the Gita, which strongly insists on a
              perfect and absolute samata, goes on to say, “Fight, destroy
              the adversary, conquer.” If there is no kind of general action
              wanted, no loyalty to Truth as against Falsehood except for
              one’s personal sadhana, no will for the Truth to conquer,

              then the samata of indifference will suffice. But here there is
              a work to be done, a Truth to be established against which
              immense forces are arranged, invisible forces which use vis-
              ible things and persons and actions for their instruments.
              If one is among the disciples, the seekers of this Truth, one
              has to take sides for the Truth, to stand against the Forces

              that a ack it and seek to stifle it. Arjuna wanted not to stand

              for either side, to refuse any action of hostility even against
              assailants;  Sri  Krishna,  who  insisted  so  much  on  samata,
              strongly  rebuked his  a itude  and  insisted  equally  on  his

              fighting the adversary. “Have samata,” he said, “and seeing
              clearly the  Truth, fight.”  Therefore to  take  sides with the

              Truth and to refuse to concede anything to the Falsehood

              that a acks, to be unflinchingly loyal and against the hos-
              tiles and the a ackers, is not inconsistent with equality. It is

              personal and egoistic feeling that has to be thrown away;
              hatred and vital ill-will have to be rejected. But loyalty and
              refusal to compromise with the assailants and the hostiles
              or to  dally with their ideas and demands and say, “After
              all we can compromise with what they ask from us”, or to
              accept them as companions and our own people — these

              things have a great importance. If the a ack were a physical

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