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all the obscurity and ignorance, all the dirt and alloy of the lower
        nature. It undergoes a heightening and glorification, an aggran-
        disement of capacity, a realisation of the maximum of its possibili-
        ties. But to have this sublimating change, he must first give up all
        that, by distorting, limiting and obscuring the true nature, fetters
        and debases and disfigures the true personality; he must throw
        from him whatever belongs to the ignorant lower movements of
        the ordinary man and his blind limping ordinary life. And first of
        all he must give up his desires; for desire is the most obscure and
        the most obscuring movement of the lower nature. Desires are
        motions of weakness and ignorance and they keep you chained
        to your weakness and to your ignorance.
                                                      CWM 3: 116-17

        The most important surrender
            The most important surrender is the surrender of your charac-
        ter, your way of being, so that it may change. If you do not surren-
        der your very own nature, never will this nature change. It is this
        that is most important. You have certain ways of understanding,
        certain ways of reacting, certain ways of feeling, almost certain
        ways of progressing, and above all, a special way of looking at
        life and expecting from it certain things — well, it is this you must
        surrender. That is, if you truly want to receive the divine Light and
        transform yourself, it is your whole way of being you must offer —
        offer by opening it, making it as receptive as possible so that the
        divine Consciousness which sees how you ought to be, may act
        directly and change all these movements into movements more
        true, more in keeping with your own truth. This is infinitely more
        important than surrendering what one does. It is not what one
        does (what one does is very important, that’s evident) that is the
        most important thing but what one is. Whatever the activity, it
        is not quite the way of doing it but the state of consciousness
        in which it is done that is important. You may work, do disinter-
        ested work without any idea of personal profit, work for the joy
        of working, but if you are not at the same time ready to leave this

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