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gious scriptures, — for they are a record of the deepest spiritual
                                 experiences, — documents of revelatory and intuitive philosophy of
                                 an inexhaustible light, power and largeness and, whether written in
                                 verse or cadenced prose, spiritual poems of an absolute, an unfail-
                                 ing inspiration inevitable in phrase, wonderful in rhythm and expres-
                                 sion. It is the expression of a mind in which philosophy and religion
                                 and poetry are made one, because this religion does not end with a

                                 cult nor is limited to a religio-ethical aspiration, but rises to an infinite
                                 discovery of God, of Self, of our highest and whole reality of spirit
                                 and being and speaks out of an ecstasy of luminous knowledge and

                                 an ecstasy of moved and fulfilled experience, this philosophy is not
                                 an abstract intellectual speculation about Truth or a structure of
                                 the logical intelligence, but Truth seen, felt, lived, held by the inmost
                                 mind and soul in the joy of utterance of an assured discovery and
                                 possession, and this poetry is the work of the aesthetic mind lifted
                                 up beyond its ordinary field to express the wonder and beauty of

                                 the rarest spiritual self-vision and the profoundest illumined truth
                                 of self and God and universe. Here the intuitive mind and intimate
                                 psychological experience of the Vedic seers passes into a supreme
                                 culmination in which the Spirit, as is said in a phrase of the Katha
                                 Upanishad, discloses its own very body, reveals the very word of its
                                 self-expression and discovers to the mind the vibration of rhythms
                                 which repeating themselves within in the spiritual hearing seem to

                                 build up the soul and set it satisfied and complete on the heights
                                 of self-knowledge.
                                                                              CWSA 20: 329-30

                                 Hierarchy of the Worlds
                                     This inner Vedic religion started with an extension of the psy-
                                 chic significance of the godheads in the Cosmos. Its primary no-

                                 tion was that of a hierarchy of worlds, an ascending stair of planes
                                 of being in the universe. It saw a mounting scale of the worlds
                                 corresponding to a similar mounting scale of planes or degrees
                                 or levels of consciousness in the nature of man. A Truth, Right

                                                             All India Magazine, September 2022
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