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The Psychic Door

        The Psychic and the Mother’s Presence
            The Mother’s presence is always there; but if you decide
        to act on your own — your own idea, your own notion of
        things,  your own will and demand upon things, then it is
        quite likely that her presence will get veiled; it is not she who
        withdraws from you, but you who draw back from her. But
        your mind and vital don’t want to admit that, because it is
        always their preoccupation to justify their own movements.
        If the psychic were allowed its full predominance, this would
        not happen; it would have felt the veiling, but it would at
        once have said, “There must have been some mistake in me,
        a mist has arisen in me,” and it would have looked and found
        the cause.
            When I am alone I feel a sweet flow of love for the Mother
            and surrender to her welling out from my heart. But when I
            am in her physical presence I do not feel this love. Why does
            this happen?

        It is when you live in the psychic that there is this feeling
        — but the psychic commands at present only a part of the
        mind and vital — it does not yet control the most external
        parts, that is why you do not feel it when in the Mother’s
        physical presence.
        If you feel the Mother’s presence for the greater part of the
        day, it means that it is your psychic being that is active and
        feels like that — for without the activity of the psychic it
        would not be possible. Therefore your psychic being is there
        and not at all far off.

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