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under such conditions; they continue to live because they
        have faith and they do it purposely, because it is a thing they
        have imposed on themselves.
            Therefore,  the  moral  condition  is  much  more  impor-
        tant than the physical. If you were in surroundings where
        everyone was tidy and then you remained three days with-
        out taking a bath, you would fall ill. This is not to say that
        you should not take a bath! Because we do not want to be
        sadhus, we want to be yogis. It is not the same thing. And
        we want the body to take part in the yoga. So we must do
        whatever is necessary to keep it fit. However, this is only to
        tell you that the moral condition is much more important
        than the physical.
                                                         CWM 5: 170

        The contagion of vibrations
            If  you  were  in  a  perfectly  harmonious  environment
        where everything was full of a total and perfect goodwill,
        then evidently you could lay the blame only on yourself.
        But the difficulties that are within are also without. You
        can,  to  a  certain  extent,  establish  an  inner  equilibrium,
        but you live in surroundings full of imbalance. Unless you
        shut yourself up in an ivory tower (which is not only dif-
        ficult but not always recommendable), you are obliged to
        receive what comes from outside. You give and you receive;
        you breathe in and absorb. So there is a mixture and that is
        why one can say that all is contagious, for you live in a state
        of  ceaseless  vibrations.  You  give  out  your  vibrations  and
        receive also the vibrations of others, and these vibrations
        are of a very complex kind. There are still (we shall say for
        simplifying the language) mental vibrations, vital vibrations,
        physical vibrations and many others. You give, you receive;

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