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Offer all your movements to the Divine
            Yoga means union with the Divine, and the union is effected
        through offering — it is founded on the offering of  yourself to
        the Divine..... You must feel at every step that you belong to the
        Divine; you must have the constant experience that, in whatever
        you think or do, it is always the Divine Consciousness that is act-
        ing through you. You have no longer anything that you can call
        your own; you feel everything as coming from the Divine, and you
        have to offer it back to its source. When you can realise that, then
        even the smallest thing to which you do not usually pay much at-
        tention or care, ceases to be trivial and insignificant; it becomes
        full of meaning and it opens up a vast horizon beyond.
            This is what you have to do to carry out your general offering
        in detailed offerings. Live constantly in the presence of the Divine;
        live in the feeling that it is this presence which moves you and is
        doing everything you do. Offer all your movements to it, not only
        every mental action, every thought and feeling but even the most
        ordinary and external actions such as eating; when you eat, you
        must feel that it is the Divine who is eating through you. When
        you can thus gather all your movements into the One Life, then
        you have in you unity instead of division. No longer is one part of
        your nature given to the Divine, while the rest remains in its ordi-
        nary ways, engrossed in ordinary things; your entire life is taken
        up, an integral transformation is gradually realised in you.
        (CWM  3:23-24)                                                                   The Mother

        Yoga Shakti
            Yoga means union with the Divine — a union either transcen-
        dental  (above  the  universe)  or  cosmic  (universal)  or  individual
        or, as in our Yoga, all three together. Or it means getting into a
        consciousness in which one is no longer limited by the small ego,
        personal mind, personal vital and body but is in union with the
        supreme Self or with the universal (cosmic) consciousness or with

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