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may be engaged in doing. Whether you sit down to meditation
               or go about and do things and work, what is required of you is
               consciousness; that is the one need, — to be constantly conscious
               of the Divine.

                   But is not sitting down to meditation an indispensable discipline,
                   and does it not give a more intense and concentrated union with
                   the Divine?

                   That may be. But a discipline in itself is not what we are seek-
               ing. What we are seeking is to be concentrated on the Divine in
               all that we do, at all times, in all our acts and in every movement.
               There are some here who have been told to meditate; but also
               there are others who have not been asked to do any meditation at
               all. But it must not be thought that they are not progressing. They
               too follow a discipline, but it is of another nature. To work, to act
               with devotion and an inner consecration is also a spiritual disci-
               pline. The final aim is to be in constant union with the Divine, not

               only in meditation but in all circumstances and in all the active life.
               CWM 3: 20-21                                                           The Mother

                  When you come to the Yoga, you must be ready to have all
                  your mental buildings and all your vital scaff oldings shattered
                  to pieces. You must be prepared to be suspended in the air with
                  nothing to support you except your faith. You will have to for-
                  get your past self and its clingings altogether, to pluck it out of
                  your consciousness and be born anew, free from every kind of
                  bondage. Think not of what you were, but of what you aspire
                  to be; be altogether in what you want to realise. Turn from your
                  dead past and look straight towards the future. Your religion,
                  country, family lie there; it is the DIVINE.
                  CWM 3:83-84                                                The Mother

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