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Rajayogic concentration
                                     Rajayogic  concentration  is  divided  into  four  stages;  it  com-
                                 mences with the drawing both of the mind and senses from outward
                                 things, proceeds to the holding of the one object of concentration
                                 to the exclusion of all other ideas and mental activities, then to the

                                 prolonged absorption of the mind in this object, finally, to the com-
                                 plete ingoing of the consciousness by which it is lost to all outward
                                 mental activity in the oneness of Samadhi. The real object of this
                                 mental discipline is to draw away the mind from the outward and the

                                 mental world into union with the divine Being. Therefore in the first
                                 three stages use has to be made of some mental means or support by
                                 which the mind, accustomed to run about from object to object, shall

                                 fix on one alone, and that one must be something which represents
                                 the idea of the Divine. It is usually a name or a form or a mantra by
                                 which the thought can be fixed in the sole knowledge or adoration of

                                 the Lord. By this concentration on the idea the mind enters from the

                                 idea into its reality, into which it sinks silent, absorbed, unified. This is
                                 the traditional method. There are, however, others which are equally
                                 of a Rajayogic character, since they use the mental and psychical be-
                                 ing as key. Some of them are directed rather to the quiescence of the
                                 mind than to its immediate absorption, as the discipline by which the
                                 mind is simply watched and allowed to exhaust its habit of vagrant
                                 thought in a purposeless running from which  it feels all sanction,
                                 purpose and interest withdrawn, and that, more strenuous and
                                 rapidly effective, by which all outward-going thought is excluded and

                                 the mind forced to sink into itself where in its absolute quietude it

                                 can only reflect the pure Being or pass away into its superconscient

                                 existence. The method differs, the object and the result are the same.
                                                                              CWSA 23: 540-41
                                 The Patanjali’s system of Rajayoga
                                     Rajayoga is of three kinds, sachesta, salpachesta and nischesta,

                                 with effort, with little effort, and without effort. Patanjali’s, the only
                                 systematised kind, though each is quite methodical, is sachesta, involving
                                 great strain and effort throughout… The first step is the preparation

                                 of the moral nature, the discipline of the heart, its perfection in the
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