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Importance of Equality

              The Very first necessity for spiritual perfection is a perfect
              equality. Perfection in the sense in which we use it in Yoga,
              means a growth out of a lower undivine into a higher divine
              nature. ...
                  A perfect equality of our spirit and nature is a means by
              which we can move back from the troubled and ignorant
              outer consciousness into this inner kingdom of heaven and
              possess the spirit’s eternal kingdoms, rajya msamr. ddham,
              of greatness, joy and peace. That self-elevation to the divine
              nature is the complete fruit and the whole occasion of the
              discipline of equality demanded from us by the self-perfect-
              ing aim in Yoga.
                  A perfect equality and peace of the soul is indispensable
              to change the whole substance of our being into substance
              of the self out of its present stuff of troubled mentality. It

              is equally indispensable if we aspire to replace our present
              confused and ignorant action by the self-possessed and lu-
              minous works of a free spirit governing its nature and in
              tune with universal being. A divine action or even a perfect
              human action is impossible if we have not equality of spir-
              it and an equality in the motive-forces of our nature. The
              Divine is equal to all, an impartial sustainer of his universe,
              who views all with equal eyes, assents to the law of devel-
              oping being which he has brought out of the depths of his
              existence, tolerates what has to be tolerated, depresses what
              has to be depressed, raises what has to be raised, creates,
              sustains and destroys with a perfect and equal understand-
              ing of all causes and results and working out of the spiri-
              tual and pragmatic meaning of all phenomena. God does
              not create in obedience to any  troubled passion of desire

              or maintain and preserve through an a achment of partial

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