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It is true that the Force can work effectively without any
        effort on your part. It is not the effort, it is the assent of
        the being that it needs for its work.
                                          CWSA 31: 721 (SABCL 23: 697)

        To remain open to the Mother is to remain always quiet and
        happy and confident, not restless, not grieving or despond-
        ing, to let her force work in you, guide you, give you knowl-
        edge, give you peace and Ananda. If you cannot keep your-
        self open, then aspire constantly but quietly that you may
        be open.
                                          CWSA 32: 151 (SABCL 25: 124)

        Openness  and,  whenever needed, passivity,  but to  the
        highest consciousness, not to anything that comes.
            Therefore, there must be a certain quiet vigilance even
        in the  passivity.  Otherwise there may  be either wrong
        movements or inertia.
                                          CWSA 32: 119 (SABCL 23: 607)

        Work is part of the Yoga and it gives the best opportunity
        for calling down the Presence, the Light and the Power into
        the vital and its activities; it increases also the field and
        the opportunity of surrender.
                                          CWSA 32: 247 (SABCL 25: 200)

        By remaining psychically open to the Mother, all that is nec-
        essary for work or sadhana develops progressively, that is
        one of the chief secrets, the central secret of the sadhana.
        CWSA 32: 154 (SABCL 25: 121)                                                       Sri Aurobindo

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