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Divine  and  a  faith  in  one’s  spiritual  destiny  (i.e.  since  my
        heart and soul seek for the Divine, I cannot fail one day to
        reach Him) are much needed in view of the difficulties of the
        Path. A contempt for others is out of place, especially since
        the Divine is in all. Evidently, the activities and aspirations
        of men are not trivial and worthless, for all life is a growth
        of the soul out of the darkness towards the Light. But our
        attitude is that humanity cannot grow out of its limitations
        by the ordinary means adopted by the human mind, politics,
        social reform, philanthropy, etc., — these can only be tempo-
        rary or local palliatives. The only true escape is a change of
        consciousness, a change into a greater, wider and purer way
        of being, and a life and action based upon that change. It is
        therefore to that that the energies must be turned, once the
        spiritual orientation is complete. This implies no contempt,
        but the preference of the only effective means over those
        which have been found ineffective.
        Such  qualities  as  faith,  sincerity,  aspiration,  devotion  etc.
        make  up  the  perfection  indicated  in  our  language  of  the
        flowers. In ordinary language it would mean something else
        such as purity, love, benevolence, fidelity and a host of other
        CWSA 29: 42-43                                         Sri Aurobindo

                                          Psychological Perfection
                                           A psychological perfection
                                            aspiring to be Divinised.

                                               Botanical name:
                                              Michelia champaca
                                          Common name: Champaca,
                                              Fragrant champaca

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