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Equality of the Heart

              A free heart is similarly a heart delivered from the gusts and

              storms of the affections and the passions; the assailing touch
              of grief, wrath, hatred, fear, inequality of love, trouble of joy,
              pain of sorrow fall away from the equal heart, and leave it a
              thing large, calm, equal, luminous, divine. These things are
              not incumbent on the essential nature of our being, but the
              creations of the present make of our outward active mental
              and vital nature and its transactions with its surroundings.
              The ego-sense which induces us to act as separate beings
              who make their isolated claim and experience the test of the
              values of the universe, is responsible for these aberrations.
              When we live in unity with the Divine in ourselves and the
              spirit of the universe, these imperfections fall away from us
              and disappear in the calm and equal strength and delight of
              the inner spiritual existence. Always that is within us and
              transforms the outward touches before they reach it by a
              passage through a subliminal psychic soul in us which is
              the hidden instrument of its delight of being. By equality of
              the heart we get away from the troubled desire soul on the
              surface, open the gates of this profounder being, bring out
              its responses and impose their true divine values on all that
              solicits our emotional being. A free, happy, equal and all-
              embracing heart of spiritual feeling is the outcome of this
                  In this perfection too there is no question of a severe as-

              cetic insensibility, an aloof spiritual indifference or a strained
              rugged austerity of self-suppression. This is not a killing of
              the emotional nature but a transformation. All that presents
              itself here in our outward nature in perverse or imperfect

              forms has a significance and utility which come out when
              we get back to the greater truth of divine being. Love will

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