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acquiescence is only the basis. Man is the instrument of an

              evolution which wears at first the mask of a struggle, but
              grows more and more into its truer and deeper sense of a
              constant wise adjustment and must take on in a rising scale

              the deepest truth and significance — now only underlying
              the  adjustment  and  struggle  —  of  a  universal  harmony.
              The perfected human soul must always be an instrument
              for the hastening of the ways of this evolution. For that a
              divine power acting with the royalty of the divine will in
              it must be in whatever degree present in the nature. But to
              be accomplished and permanent, steadfast in action, truly
              divine, it has to proceed on the basis of a spiritual equality,
              a calm, impersonal and equal self-identification with all be-

              ings, an understanding of all energies. The Divine acts with
              a  mighty  power  in  the  myriad  workings  of  the  universe,
              but with the supporting light and force of an imperturbable
              oneness, freedom and peace. That must be the type of the
              perfected soul’s divine works. And equality is the condition
              of the being which makes possible this changed spirit in the
                  But  even  a  human  perfection  cannot  dispense  with
              equality as one of its chief elements and even its essential
              CWSA 23:  698-701                                                Sri Aurobindo

              All India Magazine, October 2020
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