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killing is demanded, but its transformation. The function of
              the Prana is enjoyment, but the real enjoyment of existence
              is an inward spiritual Ananda, not partial and troubled like
              that of our vital,  emotional or mental pleasure, degraded
              as they are now by the predominance of the physical mind,
              but universal, profound, a massed concentration of spiritual
              bliss possessed in a calm ecstasy of self and all existence.
              Possession is its function, by  possession comes the  soul’s
              enjoyment of things, but this is the real possession, a thing
              large and  inward,  not  dependent  on the outward  seizing
              which makes us subject to what we seize. All outward pos-
              session and enjoyment will be only an occasion of a satis-

              fied and equal play of the spiritual Ananda with the forms
              and phenomena of its own world-being. The egoistic pos-
              session, the making things our own in the sense of the ego’s
              claim on God and beings and the world, parigraha, must be
              renounced in order that this greater thing, this large, uni-
              versal and perfect life, may come.                    , by
              renouncing the egoistic sense of desire and possession, the
              soul enjoys divinely its self and the universe.
              CWSA 23: 702-03                                           Sri Aurobindo

              All India Magazine, October 2020
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