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be not destroyed, but perfected, enlarged to its widest ca-
              pacity, deepened to its spiritual rapture, the love of God,
              the love of man, the love of all things as ourselves and as
              beings and powers of the Divine; a large, universal love, not
              at all incapable of various relation, will replace the clamant,

              egoistic, self-regarding love of li le joys and griefs and in-

              sistent demands afflicted with all the chequered pa ern of
              angers  and jealousies  and  satisfactions,  rushings  to  unity
              and movements of fatigue, divorce and separation on which
              we now place so high a value. Grief will cease to exist, but
              a universal, an equal love and sympathy will take its place,

              not a suffering sympathy, but a power which, itself deliv-
              ered,  is  strong  to  sustain, to  help, to  liberate.  To  the free
              spirit wrath and hatred are impossible, but not the strong
              Rudra energy of the Divine which can ba le without hatred

              and destroy without wrath because all the time aware of the
              things it destroys as parts of itself, its own manifestations
              and unaltered therefore in its sympathy and understand-
              ing of those in whom are embodied these manifestations.
              All our emotional nature will undergo this high liberating
              transformation;  but  in  order  that  it  may  do  so,  a  perfect

              equality is the effective condition.
              CWSA 23: 703-05                                           Sri Aurobindo

                 It                              is to record the divine
                 or true appearance of things and return to them the
                 reaction of an equal Ananda without dislike or desire.

                 CWSA 28: 207                                Sri Aurobindo

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