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Ego is the big obstacle
            But one essential condition: the reign of the ego must be end-
        ed. The ego is now the obstacle. The ego must be replaced by the
        divine consciousness — Sri Aurobindo himself called it “supramen-
        tal”; we can call it supramental so that there might not be any
        misunderstanding, because when one speaks of “the Divine”, im-
        mediately people think of a “God”, and that spoils everything. It
        is not that. No, it is not that. (Mother slowly brings down her closed
        fists) It is the descent of the supramental world, which is not a
        purely imaginative thing (gesture upward), it is an absolutely mate-
        rial Power. But (Mother smiles) it has no need of material means. A
        world which wants to take a body in the world.
                                                        CWM 11: 316

            If a world-war breaks out, it may not only destroy the major por-
            tion of humanity but may even make living conditions for those
            who survive impossible due to the effects of the nuclear fall-out. In
            case the possibility of such a war is still there, will it not affect the
            advent of the Supramental Truth and the New Race upon earth?

        All these are mental speculations and once you enter the domains
        of mental imaginations there is no end to the problems and to their
        solutions. But all that does not bring you one step closer to the
        truth. The safest and most healthy attitude of the mind is like this
        one: We have been told in a positive and definite way that the
        supramental creation will follow the present one, so, whatever is
        in preparation for the future must be the circumstances needed
        for this advent whatever they are. And as we are unable to foresee
        correctly what these circumstances are, it is better to keep silent
        about them.
            To anticipate difficulties is to help them happen.
            Always to foresee the best with a total trust in the Divine Grace
        is to collaborate.                                                           CWM 15: 111-12

        16                              All India Magazine , June 2024
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