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you will certainly receive something in the form of an inspira-
              tion of what is to be done and that you must forthwith proceed
              to do. Only, you must remember that to surrender is to accept
              whatever is the result of your action, though the result may

              be quite different from what you expect. On the other hand, if
              your surrender is passive, you will do nothing and try nothing;
              you will simply go to sleep and wait for a miracle.
                                                                CWM 3: 19

              Spiritual discipline
                  The number of hours spent in meditation is no proof of spir-
              itual progress. It is a proof of your progress when you no longer

              have to make an effort to meditate. Then you have rather to
              make an effort to stop meditating: it becomes difficult to stop

              meditation, difficult to stop thinking of the Divine, difficult to

              come down to the ordinary consciousness. Then you are sure
              of progress, then you have made real progress when concentra-
              tion in the Divine is the necessity of your life, when you can-
              not do without it, when it continues naturally from morning to
              night whatever you may be engaged in doing. Whether you sit
              down to meditation or go about and do things and work, what
              is required of you is consciousness; that is the one need, — to
              be constantly conscious of the Divine.
                  But is not sitting down to meditation an indispensable discipline,
              and does it not give a more intense and concentrated union with the
                  That may be. But a discipline in itself is not what we are
              seeking. What  we are seeking is to  be concentrated  on  the
              Divine in all that we do, at all times, in all our acts and in every
              movement. There are some here who have been told to medi-
              tate; but also there are others who have not been asked to do
              any meditation at all. But it must not be thought that they are
              not progressing. They too follow a discipline, but it is of an-

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