Page 16 - All India Magazine Jan-2023
P. 16

A Dream of Surreal Science

            One dreamed and saw a gland write Hamlet, drink
               At the Mermaid, capture immortality;
            A committee of hormones on the Aegean’s brink
               Composed the Iliad and the Odyssey.

            A thyroid, meditating almost nude
               Under the Bo-tree, saw the eternal Light
            And, rising from its mighty solitude,
               Spoke of the Wheel and eightfold Path all right.

            A brain by a disordered stomach driven
               Thundered through Europe, conquered, ruled and fell,
            From St Helena went, perhaps, to Heaven.
               Thus wagged on the surreal world, until

            A scientist played with atoms and blew out
            The universe before God had time to shout.

                                                               CWSA 2:  614

        16                            All India Magazine, January 2023
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