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tween the instrument in front and the Divinity behind or above is
        broken. No rule can be laid down which applies without distinction
        to everybody — the variations in human nature are too great to be
        covered by a single trenchant rule.                      CWSA 29: 82-84

        Surrender and Tapasya
            The process of surrender is itself a Tapasya. Not only so, but in
        fact a double process of Tapasya and increasing surrender persists
        for a long time even when the surrender has fairly well begun. But a
        time comes when one feels the Presence and the Force constantly
        and more and more feels that that is doing everything — so that the
        worst difficulties cannot disturb this sense and personal effort is no
        longer necessary, hardly even possible. That is the sign of the full
        surrender of the nature into the hands of the Divine. There are some
        who take this position in faith even before there is this experience
        and if the Bhakti and the faith are strong it carries them through till
        the experience is there. But all cannot take this position from the
        beginning — and for some it would be dangerous since they might
        put themselves into the hand of a wrong Force thinking it to be the
        Divine. For most it is necessary to grow through Tapasya into sur-
                                                        CWSA 29: 82
        Not an excuse for indolence
            Faith, reliance upon God, surrender and self-giving to the Divine
        Power  are  necessary  and  indispensable.  But  reliance  upon  God
        must not be made an excuse for indolence, weakness and surren-
        der to the impulses of the lower nature; it must go along with
        untiring aspiration and a persistent rejection of all that comes in
        the way of the Divine Truth. The surrender to the Divine must not
        be turned into an excuse, a cloak or an occasion for surrender to
        one’s own desires and lower movements or to one’s ego or to
        some Force of the ignorance and darkness that puts on a false
        appearance of the Divine.
        CWSA 29: 87                                            Sri Aurobindo

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