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Devotion or Gratitude
            Courage or Aspiration
            Endurance or Perseverance.
            One  form  of  endurance  is  faithfulness,  faithfulness  to
        one’s resolution — being faithful. One has taken a resolu-
        tion, one is faithful to one’s resolution. This is endurance.
            There you are.
            If one persists, there comes a time when one is victori-
            Victory is to the most persistent.
        CWM 8: 36-42                                                             The Mother

          Mother contemplates a flower she is holding in her hand.
          It  is  the  golden  champak  flower  (Michelia  champaka).
          Have you noticed this flower?
              It has twelve petals in three rows of four.
              We have called it “Supramental psychological perfec-
              I had never noticed that it had three rows: a small row
          like this, another one a little larger and a third one larger
          still. They are in gradations of four: four petals, four pet-
          als, four petals.
              Well, if one indeed wants to see in the forms of Na-
          ture a symbolic expression, one can see a centre which is
          the supreme Truth, and a triple manifestation—because
          four  indicates  manifestation  —  in  three  superimposed
          worlds: the outermost — these are the largest petals, the
          lightest in colour — that is a physical world, then a vital
          world and a mental world, and then at the centre, the
          supramental Truth.
              And you can discover all kinds of other analogies.
          CWM 8: 158                                                            The Mother

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