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In Yoga Who is
                   the Sadhaka and the Sadhana

        In all that is done in the universe, the Divine through his
        Shakti is behind all action but he is veiled by his Yoga Maya
        and works through the ego of the Jiva in the lower nature.
            In Yoga also it is the Divine who is the Sadhaka and the
        Sadhana; it is his Shakti with her light, power, knowledge,
        consciousness, Ananda, acting upon the adhara and, when it
        is opened to her, pouring into it with these divine forces
        that makes the Sadhana possible. But so long as the lower
        nature is active the  personal effort  of the  Sadhaka  re-
        mains necessary.
            The personal effort required is a triple labour of aspi-
        ration, rejection and surrender ....
                                                                           CWSA 32: 6  (SABCL 25: 6-7)

        In this Yoga the whole principle is to open oneself to the
        Divine Influence. It is there above you and, if you can once
        become conscious of it, you have then to call it down into you.
        It descends into the mind and into the body as Peace, as a
        Light, as a Force that works, as the Presence of the Divine
        with or without form, as Ananda. Before one has this con-
        sciousness, one has to have faith and aspire for the opening.
        Aspiration, call, prayer are forms of one and the same thing
        and are all effective; you can take the form that comes to
        you or is easiest to you. The other way is concentration; you
        concentrate your consciousness in the heart (some do it in
        the head or above the head) and meditate on the Mother in
        the heart and call her in there. One can do either and both
        at different times — whatever comes naturally to you or
        you are moved to do at the moment. Especially in the begin-

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