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Besides these two great practices the Hathayogins have numerous
                                 others such as the extraordinary means by which they clean out daily
                                 all the physical impurities of the body. By these numerous and dif-

                                 ficult physical practices they attain an extraordinary power, vitality,
                                 virility, longevity, and are also able to attain knowledge transcend-
                                 ing the ordinary human bounds, leave the body in Samadhi and, in
                                 one word, exercise every mere power that comes by Yoga. But the
                                 practice of unmixed Hathayoga generates a colossal egoism and the
                                 Yogin seldom exceeds it. The modern Hathayoga is mixed with the
                                 Rajayoga and, therefore, neither so virile and potent nor so danger-
                                 ous as the ancient.                                                   CWSA 1:  506

                                 Limitations of Hathayoga
                                     The results of Hathayoga are thus striking to the eye and impose
                                 easily on the vulgar or physical mind. And yet at the end we may ask
                                 what we have gained at the end of all this stupendous labour. The ob-
                                 ject of physical Nature, the preservation of the mere physical life, its
                                 highest perfection, even in a certain sense the capacity of a greater
                                 enjoyment of physical living have been carried out on an abnormal
                                 scale. But the weakness of Hathayoga is that its laborious and dif-

                                 ficult processes make so great a demand on the time and energy and
                                 impose so complete a severance from the ordinary life of men that
                                 the utilisation of its results for the life of the world becomes either
                                 impracticable or is extraordinarily restricted. If in return for this loss
                                 we gain another life in another world within, the mental, the dynam-
                                 ic, these results could have been acquired through other systems,
                                 through Rajayoga, through Tantra, by much less laborious methods
                                 and held on much less exacting terms. On the other hand the physi-
                                 cal results, increased vitality, prolonged youth, health, longevity are
                                 of small avail if they must be held by us as misers of ourselves, apart
                                 from the common life, for their own sake, not utilised, not thrown
                                 into the common sum of the world’s activities. Hathayoga attains
                                 large results, but at an exorbitant price and to very little purpose.
                                 CWSA 23: 35                                                                      Sri Aurobindo

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