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menace to the work and the leaders and doers of the work,

              one would see this at once. But because the a ack is of a

              subtler kind, can a passive a itude be right? It is a spiritual

              ba le inward and outward; by neutrality and compromise
              or even passivity one may allow the enemy Forces to pass
              and crush down the Truth and its children. If you look at it
              from this point you will see that if the inner spiritual equal-

              ity is right, the active loyalty and firm taking of sides is as
              right, and the two cannot be incompatible.
                  I have of course treated it as a general question apart
              from all particular cases or personal questions. It is a prin-
              ciple of action that has to be seen in its right light and pro-
              CWSA 29: 131-33                                       Sri Aurobindo

                 Equality does not mean a fresh ignorance or blindness;
                 it does not call for and need not initiate  a greyness of

                 vision and a blo ing out of all hues. Difference is there,

                 variation of expression is there and this variation we shall
                 appreciate, —far more justly than we could when the eye
                 was clouded by a partial and erring love and hate, ad-
                 miration and scorn, sympathy and antipathy, a raction

                 and repulsion. But behind the variation we shall always
                 see the Complete and Immutable who dwells within it
                 and we shall feel, know or at least, if it is hidden from us,
                 trust in the wise purpose and divine necessity of the par-
                 ticular manifestation, whether it appear to our human
                 standards harmonious and perfect or crude and unfin-

                 ished or even false and evil.
                 CWSA  23:  224-25                                                        Sri  Aurobindo

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