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                                Principle behind Hathayoga
                                   Hathayoga  aims  at  the  conquest  of  the  life  and  the  body
                                whose combination in the food sheath and the vital vehicle con-
                                stitutes, as we have seen, the gross body and whose equilibrium
                                is the foundation of all Nature’s workings in the human being. The
                                equilibrium established by Nature is suffi  cient for the normal ego-
                                istic life; it is insuffi  cient for the purpose of the Hathayogin. For it
                                is calculated on the amount of vital or dynamic force necessary
                                to drive the physical engine during the normal span of human life
                                and to perform more or less adequately the various workings de-
                                manded of it by the individual life inhabiting this frame and the
                                world-environment by which it is conditioned. Hathayoga there-
                                fore seeks to rectify Nature and establish another equilibrium by
                                which the physical frame will be able to sustain the inrush of an
                                increasing vital or dynamic force of Prana indefi nite, almost infi -
                                nite in its quantity or intensity. In Nature the equilibrium is based
                                upon the individualisation of a limited quantity and force of the
                                Prana; more than that the individual is by personal and hereditary
                                habit unable to bear, use or control. In Hathayoga, the equilibrium
                                opens a door to the universalisation of the individual vitality by
                                admitting into the body, containing, using and controlling a much
                                less fi xed and limited action of the universal energy.
                                                                             CWSA 23: 33-34

                                Object of Hathayoga
                                   The pure Hathayoga is the means of the fulfi lment through
                                the body. Its processes are physical, strenuous, colossal, complex,
                                diffi  cult. They centre in Asana, Pranayam and the purifi cation of
                                the body. The number of Asanas in the modern or mixed Hatha-
                                yoga is limited, but even then they are numerous and painful; in
                                the ancient or pure Hathayoga, they were innumerable and the

                                All India Magazine, September 2020
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