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one of the ugliest things in the world. And it is one of the most
        widespread and it has become so widespread, that it is almost
        spontaneous in man. Nothing can turn its back on the divine love
        more totally than that, that wish to calculate and profit.
                                                      CWM 5: 240-41

        Flowers and Man
            You know, flowers spread a deep love and a peaceful sweet-
        ness in a silent and generous gesture. It is without comparison.
        It is this movement of Nature which brings equilibrium in a world
        torn by sorrow and pain. It is a movement in the other direction in
        relation to man -- it expresses an invariable harmony on the physi-
        cal plane. It is this which counters the other movement and brings
        an equilibrium and gives a meaning to existence; the one gives,
        gives and gives and the other one takes, takes, takes and leaves
        nothing for the others. Man is so ego-centric and small in com-
        parison. And the worst is that man is never satisfied with what he
        receives from others.
            The sense of gratitude is lacking in him. He thinks that as he
        is higher on the evolutionary ladder, he has a right to everything.
        It is absurd! It is because Nature gives herself spontaneously and
        cancels this contrary movement that the earth is still inhabitable.
            With the mind has come the sense of possession of the sepa-
        rate 'me', of the ego which pulls man down very low and makes
        him petty and mean. His education, his discoveries, his scientific
        achievements, with all the advantages he has at his disposal —
        these  have  made  him  rich,  comfortable  and  safe  and  sheltered
        from dangers, but also arrogant, ego- centric and morbid. How-
        ever, these have not made him a real man. It is so poor, this state
        of man! One would have hoped that it would be otherwise. He
        is so perverted that he cheats himself when he takes delight in
        cheating others. And he is not aware of it. It is so lamentably poor.
        When will he learn to overcome all this?
                                              Throb of Nature, pp. 143-44

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