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or enveloping one or all these together.
        The feeling of the Mother’s Presence or nearness does not
        depend on whether you write or do not write. Many who
        write often do not feel it, some who write seldom feel her
        always close.
            You write: “One can feel the Divine Consciousness imper-
            sonally as a new consciousness only” but that the Mother’s
            presence is something more. You also wrote in another let-
            ter that the Divine Presence in the heart is much more than
            the consciousness. In what way is the Presence more than the

        I meant that one can feel the divine consciousness as an im-
        personal spiritual state, a state of peace, light, joy, wideness
        without feeling in it the Divine Presence. The Divine Presence
        is felt as that of one who is the living source and essence of
        that light etc., a Being therefore, not merely a spiritual state.
        The Mother’s Presence is still more concrete, definite, per-
        sonal — it is not that of Someone unknown, of a Power or
        Being, but of one who is known, intimate, loved, to whom
        one can offer all the being in a living concrete way. The im-
        age is not indispensable, though it helps — the presence can
        be inwardly felt without it.
                                                   CWSA 32: 172-74

        Pranam to the Mother
            Is  the  idea  of  not  coming  to  Pranam  usually  a  hostile

        It is a hostile suggestion almost always.

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