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Compassion and Gratitude are psychic qualities
            Compassion and gratitude are essentially psychic vir-
        tues. They appear in the consciousness only when the psy-
        chic being takes part in active life.
            The vital and the physical experience them as weak-
        nesses, for they curb the free expression of their impulses,
        which are based on the power of strength.
            As always, the mind, when insufficiently educated, is
        the accomplice of the vital being and the slave of the physi-
        cal nature, whose laws, so overpowering in their half-con-
        scious mechanism, it does not fully understand. When the
        mind awakens to the awareness of the first psychic move-
        ments, it distorts them in its ignorance and changes com-
        passion into pity or at best into charity, and gratitude into
        the wish to repay, followed, little by little, by the capacity to
        recognise and admire.
            It is only when the psychic consciousness is all-power-
        ful in the being that compassion for all that needs help, in
        whatever domain, and gratitude for all that manifests the
        divine presence and grace, in whatever form, are expressed
        in all their original and luminous purity, without mixing
        compassion with any trace of condescension or gratitude
        with any sense of inferiority.
                                                       CWM 15: 277

        Gratitude in its purity has the same vibration as Love
            From my earliest childhood (when I was five, my mem-
        ories at five) and for more than eighty years, I have always
        been surrounded  with people who brought me an abun-
        dance of revolt, discontent, and then, more and more so,
        cases (certain cases have been very acute and still are) of
        sheer ingratitude — not towards me, that doesn't matter at
        all: towards the Divine. Ingratitude ... that is something I

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