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The Past

        Seventh Creation and Pralaya
            Ultimately, as long as there is death, things always come to a
        bad end.
            Only when the victory is won over death will things cease to
        come to a bad end... that is to say, when the return to Uncon-
        sciousness will no longer be necessary to allow a new progress.
            The entire process of development, at least on the earth (I
        don't know how it is on other planets) is that way. And perhaps (I
        don't know very much about the history of astronomy) universes
        too — do they know if universes perish physically, if the physical
        history of the end of a universe has been recorded?... Traditions
        tell us that a universe is created, then withdrawn into pralaya, and
        then a new one comes; and according to them, ours is the seventh
        universe, and being the seventh universe, it is the one that will not
        return to pralaya but will go on progressing, without retreat. This
        is why, in fact, there is in the human being that need for perma-
        nence and for an uninterrupted progress — it's because the time
        has come.
                        The Mother: Conversation with a Disciple, November 13, 1963

        Fear and the memory of previous pralayas
            More and more I feel there's but one way.... (Laughing) It makes
        an amusing picture: to sit on the mind—just sit on the mind: shut
        up. That's the only way.
            You sit on the mind (Mother gives a little slap): shut up.
            The  subconscient  contains  the  memory  of  all  the  previous
        "pralayas," and this memory is what always gives us the impres-
        sion that everything is going to dissolve, to collapse.
            But if you look at things in the true light, there can only be
        a more beautiful manifestation! Théon had told me this was the
        seventh and last one. Sri Aurobindo (I had told him what Théon

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