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Provided he fulfills the necessary conditions, he can be nearer –
        he isn’t so automatically, but he can be, he has the power, the
        potentiality to be.
                           The Mother: Conversation with a disciple, August 9, 1958

           Aren’t the gods already fully conscious?!

        No, they have no psychic being, so that whole side of life does
        not exist for them.
            In all the traditions here in India (and in other countries and
        other religions as well), most of the time these gods behave
        impossibly! This is simply because they have no psychic being.
        The psychic being is the one thing belonging specifically to ter-
        restrial life; it has been given as a grace ... to repair, to undo
        what had been done.

            Yes, but aren’t the gods conscious of the Divine?

        Listen, mon petit, they are conscious of their own divinity, and
        of that above all!
            They are connected with the Divine,  yes, but I know
        from experience that they haven’t the faintest notion of what
        surrender is!
                           The Mother: Conversation with a disciple, August 2, 1961

        Psychic emotion and the supramental life
            One could say that it is far more difficult to go from the
        mental to the supramental life than to go from a certain psychic
         emotion in life – something that is like a reflection, a lumi-
        nous emanation of the divine Presence in matter – to the su-
        pramental consciousness; it is much easier to go from that into
        the supramental consciousness than to go from the highest

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