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still as vicious as anything.
            It was quite simply an "incident" – to mention just one.
            But the remarkable thing is that my physical pain went
        away immediately; I felt a pain in the nape of my neck, like
        a weight that hurt and pressed on the nerves, and it went
        away instantly: "Oh, it's nothing, just that"!
            Then He seemed to lead me to other places, where I
        saw a sort of scorpion with a very odd shape (it was also a
        sort of entity in that realm and it gave other illnesses) trying
        to climb up somewhere. There was also a truncated snake
        which had been cut through, and out of the cut something
        like its life was escaping, yet it was still alive. All kinds of hor-
        rors. But there wasn't the slightest feeling of disgust: it was
        more like a consciousness studying, observing, and the "I"
        that observed was the force exerted by the consciousness
        on the play of those things.
            It isn't a pleasant realm. It's the realm that's just like this
        (Mother places one hand over the other), immediately be-
        yond ... (how can I put it? It's neither higher nor deeper in-
        side) beyond the subtle physical, and it's the realm in which
        formations of illness materialise. I spent more than three
        hours of the night in it.
                    The Mother: Conversations with a disciple: December 25, 1963

          God within is infinite and self-fulfilling Will. Unappalled
          by the fear of death, canst thou leave to Him, not as
          an experiment, with a calm & entire faith thy ailments?
          Thou shalt find in the end that He exceeds the skill of a
          million doctors.
          CWSA 12: 476                                                                Sri Aurobindo

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