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cause it’s the divine Will and it’s the divine Work.
            So long as a personal aspiration or desire, a selfish will,
        get mingled in it, it always creates a mixture and is not ex-
        actly an expression of the divine Will. The only thing which
        must count is the Divine, His Will, His manifestation, His
        expression. One is here for that, one is that, and nothing
        else. And so long as there is a feeling of self, of the ego,
        the person, which enters, well, this proves that one is not
        yet what one ought to be, that’s all. I don’t say that this can
        be done overnight but still this indeed is the truth.
            It is just because even in this field, the spiritual field,
        there are far too many people (I could say even the major-
        ity  of those  who  take  to the  spiritual life and do yoga),
        far too many of these who do it for personal reasons, all
        kinds of personal reasons: some because they are disgusted
        with life, others because they are unhappy, others still be-
        cause they want to know more, others because they want
        to become spiritually great, others because they want to
        learn things which they may be able to teach others; indeed
        there are a thousand personal reasons for taking up yoga.
        But the simple fact of giving oneself to the Divine so that
        the Divine takes you and makes of you what He wills, and
        this in all its purity and constancy, well, there are not many
        who do that and yet this indeed is the truth; and with this
        one goes straight to the goal and never risks making mis-
        takes. But all the other motives are always mixed, tainted
        with ego; and naturally they can lead you here and there,
        very far from the goal also.
            But that kind of feeling that you have only one single
        reason for existence, one single goal, one single motive, the
        entire, perfect, complete consecration to the Divine to the
        point of not being able to distinguish yourself from Him any

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