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Jnanam or Knowledge
            There  are four  operations  in  the Indian  method  of
        knowledge. First, the inquirer purifies his intellect by the
        stilling of passion, emotion, prejudgment and old sanskaras
        or associations. Secondly, he subjects received knowledge
        to a rigid scrutiny by sceptical vichar, separating opinion
        from ascertained truth, mere conclusions from facts. Even
        the facts he takes as only provisionally true and is prepared
        to find his whole knowledge to be erroneous, misapplied
        or made up of half-truths. Thirdly, he experiments in order
        to get upalabdhi or personal experience. Fourthly, he again
        uses vichar in order to ascertain how far his experience
        really carries him and what he is or is not justified in con-
        cluding from it. Lastly, he turns the light of the vishuddha
        buddhi on the subject and by inspired discrimination arrives
        at jnanam. The conclusions of the vivek he does not ques-
        tion, because he knows by experience that it is a fine and
        accurate instrument. Only, he is  on his guard against
        mistaking vichar for vivek, and is always prepared to
        balance and amplify his conclusions by fresh truths he had
        not considered and to find that there is another side to truth
        than the one with which he is familiar. He does not, like
        the European scientist, wed himself to previous generalisa-
        tions and theories or consider every fresh enlargement of
        knowledge on new lines charlatanry and imposture.
                                                     CWSA 1: 501-02

        Rites, ceremonies, system of cults and worship
            The rites, ceremonies,  system of cult and worship of
        Hinduism can only be understood if we remember its fun-
        damental character. It is in the first place a non-dogmatic
        inclusive religion and  would  have taken even Islam  and
        Christianity into itself, if they had tolerated the process. All

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