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How can the idea of not coming to Pranam be accepted, as
            some have done?

        Various motives are played upon—pride, the desire not to be
        like others, not to be dependent on the Mother, the wish to
        protect some wrong movement from the Mother’s control,
        the idea of doing the sadhana in one’s own way free from the
        pressure of the Truth etc.
            I felt a disinclination to come to Pranam, a dryness and lack
            of interest in anything, an absence of love for Mother. What
            is the use of going to Pranam in such a dry manner or simply
            for protection or peace or any such selfish object?

        That is a suggestion which should be entirely rejected. It is
        the usual attack trying to act on the physical consciousness
        through dryness and depression
                                                      CWSA 32:559

        Feeling the Mother’s Presence in Sleep
            Is what X writes in his poem possible? He says:
            “Even in sleep-depths I am wide awake
            To thy sweet Presence that is always there.”
            That does happen, but usually only when the psychic is
        in full activity.

        It [feeling the Mother’s presence during sleep] follows naturally
        the presence in the waking state, but it takes a little time.

        CWSA 32: 188-89                                       Sri Aurobindo

                                     All India Magazine, February 2021
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