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Arjuna, — the ideal disciple
            Arjuna was not the best among his great contemporaries. In
        spiritual knowledge, Vyasa was the greatest; in all kinds of worldly
        knowledge of that epoch, Bhishma was the best; in the thirst for
        knowledge king Dhritarashtra and Vidura led the rest; in saintli-
        ness and sattwic qualities Yudhishthira was the best; in devotion
        there was none equal to Uddhava and Akrura; his eldest brother
        Kama, the mighty warrior led in inborn strength and courage. And
        yet, it was Arjuna whom the Lord of the worlds elected; it was in
        his hands that He placed divine weapons like the Gandiva bow and
        gave to him eternal victory; it was through him that thousands
        upon thousands of India's world-renowned fighters were made to
        fall; and he founded for Yudhishthira his undisputed empire as a
        gift of Arjuna's prowess. Above all, it was Arjuna whom He decided
        as being the one fit recipient of the supreme knowledge given in
        the Gita. It was Arjuna alone who is the hero and the principal ac-
        tor in the Mahabharata, every section of that poem proclaims the
        fame and the glory of him alone. This is no undue partiality on the
        part of the Supreme Divine or of the great Vyasa, the author of the
        Mahabharata. This high position derives from complete faith and
        self-surrender. He who surrenders to the Supreme with complete
        faith and dependence and without making any claims, all responsi-
        bility for his own good or harm, weal or woe, virtue or sin; he who
        wants to act according to His behests instead of being attached to
        works dear to his own heart; who accepts the impulsions received
        from Him instead of satisfying his own propensities; who puts to
        use in His work the qualities and inspirations given by Him instead
        of eagerly hugging at the qualities admired by himself — it is that
        selfless and faithful Karmayogin who becomes the Supreme's dear-
        est friend and the best vehicle of His Power; through him is accom-
        plished flawlessly a stupendous work for the world.
                                                      CWSA 9:99-100

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