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That’s why I speak of courage — but really it is aspira-
        tion. They go together. A real aspiration is something full of

            And now, surrender. In English the word is “surrender”,
        there is no French word which gives exactly that sense. But
        Sri Aurobindo has said — I think we have read this — that sur-
        render is the first and absolute condition for doing the yoga.
        So, if we follow what he has said, this is not just one of the
        necessary qualities: it is the first attitude indispensable for
        beginning the yoga. If one has not decided to make a total
        surrender, one cannot begin.

        Endurance or perseverance
            But for this surrender to be total, all these qualities are
        necessary. And I add one more — for so far we have only four
        — I add endurance. For, if you are not able to face difficulties
        without getting discouraged and without giving up, because
        it is too difficult; and if you are incapable... well, of receiv-
        ing blows and yet continuing, of “pocketing” them, as they
        say — when you receive blows as a result of your defects, of
        putting them in your pocket and continuing to go forward
        without flagging — you don’t go very far; at the first turning
        where you lose sight of your little habitual life, you fall into
        despair and give up the game.
            The most... how shall I put it? the most material form of
        this is perseverance. Unless you are resolved to begin the
        same thing over again a thousand times if need be... You
        know, people come to me in despair, “But I thought it was
        done  and  now  I  must  begin  again!”  And  if  they  are  told,
        “But that’s nothing, you will probably have to begin again a
        hundred times, two hundred times, a thousand times; you

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