Page 10 - All India Magazine Oct-2021
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Flower Secrets

        Love in flowers

            Do flowers love?

        This is their form of love, this blossoming. Certainly, when one
        sees a rose opening to the sun, it is like a need to give its beauty.
        Only, for us, it is almost unintelligible, for they do not think about
        what they do. A human being always associates with everything
        he does this ability to see himself doing it, that is, to think about
        himself,  think  of  himself  doing  it.  Man  knows  that  he  is  doing
        something. Animals don't think. It is not at all the same form of
        love. And flowers, so to speak, are not conscious: it is a spontane-
        ous movement, not a consciousness that is conscious of itself,
        not at all. But it is a great Force which acts through all that, the
        great  universal  Consciousness  and  the  great  Force  of  universal
        love which makes all things blossom in beauty.
                                                        CWM  5: 241

        Sense of beauty
            Is there a sense of beauty in flowers?

        As soon as  there is organic life, the vital element comes in, and it
        is this vital element which gives to flowers the sense of beauty. It
        is not perhaps individualised in the sense we understand it, but it
        is a sense of the species and the species always tries to realise it.
        I have noticed a first rudiment of the psychic presence and vibra-
        tion in vegetable life, and truly this blossoming one calls a flower
        is the first manifestation of the psychic presence. The psychic is
        individualised only in man, but it was there before him; but it is
        not the same kind of individualisation as in man, it is more fluid: it
        manifests as force, as consciousness rather than as individuality.

                                      All India Magazine, October 2021
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