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said), Sri Aurobindo concurred, for he said, "This one will see the
        transformation towards the Supermind." But to reach the Super-
        mind, the mind must shut up! And I always get the impression
        (laughing) of a child sitting on the mind's head (gesture like a child
        kicking its feet), playing on the mind's head! If I could still draw, it
        would make something really funny. The mind — that huge ter-
        restrial mind (Mother puffs out her cheeks) — which thinks itself so
        important and indispensable, and then a child sitting on its head
        and playing! It's so funny.
            Ah, mon petit, we don't have faith! The moment one has
            We say, "We want a divine life"—but we're afraid of it! The
        second the fear disappears and we are sincere... really, everything
            We say, "We want nothing more of this life," but... (laughing)
        something in us clings to it!
            It's so ridiculous.
            We cling to our old ideas, our old... to this old world bound for
        extinction — we're afraid!
            While the divine child sitting on the mind's head plays!... I
        wish I could draw that picture, it's so wonderful.
            We are so silly we even say (Mother puts on an air of offended
        dignity): the Divine is wrong, "You shouldn't handle things that
        way!" It's comical, mon petit.
            The best remedy (I mean the easiest) for me, is: what You will
        — what You will, in all sincerity. In all sincerity. And then — then
        understanding comes. Then you understand. But you don't under-
        stand mentally, not here (Mother touches her head).
            What You will.
                           The Mother: Conversation with a Disciple, April 12, 1972

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