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To enter into the Divine either by the way of the thinking mind or
        by the way of the heart or by the way of the will in works or by a
        change of the psychological nature-stuff or a freeing of the vital
        force in the body is not enough; all this is not enough. Through all
        these together it must be done and by a change of our very sense
        and body consciousness even to the material inconscience which
        must become aware of the Divine and luminous with the Divine.
            To be one with the Divine, to live in and with the Divine, to be
        of one nature with the Divine, this should be the aim of our Yoga.
                                                      (CWSA 12: 357)
        What we call Yoga?
            All Yoga is in its very nature a means of passing out of our sur-
        face consciousness of limitation and ignorance into a larger and
        deeper Reality of ourselves and the world and some supreme or
        total Existence now veiled to us by this surface. There is a Reality
        which underlies everything, permeates perhaps everything, is per-
        haps everything but in quite another way than the world now seen
        by us; to It we are obscurely moving by our thought, life and ac-
        tions; we attempt to understand and approach by our religion and
        philosophy, at last we touch directly in some partial or, it may be,
        some complete spiritual experience. It is that spiritual experience, it
        is the method, it is the attainment of this realisation that we call Yoga.
                                                      (CWSA 12:361)

        What is the integral Yoga?
            It is the way of a complete God-realisation, a complete Self-
        realisation, a complete fulfillment of our being and consciousness,
        a complete transformation of our nature — and this implies a com-
        plete perfection of life here and not only a return to an eternal
        perfection elsewhere.
            This is the object, but in the method also there is the same
        integrality, for the entirety of the object cannot be accomplished
        without an entirety in the method, a complete turning, opening,
        self-giving of our being and nature in all its parts, ways, move-

        10                             All India Magazine, March 2023
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