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Savitri and Satyavan
                   Let’s take Savitri, which is very explicit on this: the universal Mother is universally pres-
               ent and at work in the universe, but the earth is where concrete form is given to all the
               work to be done to bring evolution to its perfection, its goal. Well, at first there’s a sort
               of emanation representative of the universal Mother, which is always on earth to help it
               prepare itself; then, when the preparation is complete, the universal Mother herself will
               descend upon earth to finish her work. And this She does with Satyavan — Satyavan is the
               soul of the earth. She lives in close union with the soul of the earth and together they do
               the work; She has chosen the soul of the earth for her work, saying, ‘HERE is where I will do
               my work.’ Elsewhere (Mother indicates regions of higher Consciousness), it’s enough just to BE
               and things Simply ARE. Here on earth you have to work.
                   There are clearly universal repercussions and effects, of course, but the thing is worked
               out here, the place of work is HERE. So instead of living beatifically in Her universal state
               and beyond, in the extra-universal eternity outside of time, She says, ‘No, I am going to
               do my work here, I choose to work here.’ The Supreme then tells her, ‘What you have ex-
               pressed is My Will.’…. ‘I want to work here, and when all is ready, when the earth is ready,
               when humanity is ready (even if no one is aware of it), when the Great Moment comes,
               well… I will descend to finish my work.’
                   That’s the story.
                                                     The Mother: Conversation with a Disciple, July 28, 1961

                                      The importance of Savitri is immense.
                                 Its subject is universal. Its revelation is prophetic.
                                  The time spent in its atmosphere is not wasted.
               This Savitri is wonderful, he foresaw everything, saw everything, everything, absolutely ev-
               erything, there isn’t one point he left unexplored!
                                                    The Mother: Conversation with a Disciple, April 20, 1963

                 Savitri comes from somewhere else altogether.
                     And I think that Savitri is the most important thing to speak about.
                 It’s captivating, Savitri!
                     I believe it’s his Message — all the rest is preparation, while Savitri is the Message.
                                         The Mother: Conversation with a Disciple, September 23, 1961

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