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        Consciously prepared body
            I  was  born  with  a  consciously  prepared  body  —  Sri
        Aurobindo was aware of that, he said it immediately the
        first time he saw me: I was born free. That is, from the spiri-
        tual standpoint: without any desire. Without any desire and
        attachment. And, mon petit, if there is the slightest desire
        and the slightest attachment, it's impossible to do this work.
            A vital like a warrior, with an absolute self-control (the
        vital of this present incarnation was sexless — a warrior), an
        absolutely calm and imperturbable warrior — no desires,
        no attachments....
            If people were nasty to me, or if people died or went
        away, it left me absolutely calm. ...
                       The Mother: Conversation with a Disciple, March 28, 1964

        A mother’s aspiration and a formidable will
            It’s strange.... I say ‘strange’ because it’s due to her  that
        I took birth in this body, that it was chosen. When she was
        very  young  she  had  a  great  aspiration.  She  was  exactly
        twenty years older than I; she was twenty when I was born
        and I was her third child…. The first was a son who died
        in Turkey when he was two months old…. Next was my
        brother who was born in Egypt, at Alexandria, and then me,
        born in Paris when she was exactly twenty years old. At that
        time (especially since the death of her first child) she had a
        kind of great aspiration in her: her children had to be ‘the
        best in the world.’ It wasn’t an ambition, I don’t know what
        it was. And what a will she had! My mother had a formi-
        dable will, like an iron bar, utterly impervious to all outside

        1. The Mother's physical mother

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