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intellectual speculation to any supramental vibration. Perhaps
        it is the word that misleads us! Perhaps it is because we call it
        ‘supramental’ that we expect to reach it through a higher intel-
        lectual mental activity. But the reality is quite different. With
        this very high and pure and lofty intellectual activity, one seems
        to go towards a kind of cold, powerless abstraction, an icy light
        that is surely very remote from life and still further away from
        the experience of the supramental reality.
            The new substances that is spreading and acting in the
        world contains a warmth, a power, a joy so intense that all
        intellectual activity seems cold and dry beside it. And that is
        why the less one talks about these things, the better it is. A
        single instant, a single impulse of deep and true love, a single
        minute of deep communion with the divine Grace brings you
        much closer to the goal than all possible explanations.

                            The Mother: Conversation with a disciple, April 17, 1971

        Psychic being and the superhumanity of tomorrow
            In the beginnings of humanity, the ego was the unifying
        element. It is around the ego that the various states of being
        were formed. But now that a superhumanity is about to be
        born, the ego must disappear and leave place for the psychic
        being which has slowly developed through divine agency to
        manifest the Divine in man.
            The Divine manifests in man under the psychic influence,
        and that is how the coming of superhumanity is prepared.
            The psychic being is immortal, so through it immortality
        can manifest on earth. Hence, the important thing now is to
        find one’s psychic being, unite with it, and allow it to replace
        the ego, which will be forced either to convert itself or disap-
                          The Mother: Conversation with a disciple, February 8, 1972

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