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one likes to call it between the lower planes of mind, life,
        body supported by the psychic and the higher planes which
        contain the spiritual kingdoms where the self is always free
        and limitless,— and it can break or open the lid or covering
        and ascend there and become the Self free and wide and  lu-
        minous or else bring down the influence, reflection, finally
        even the presence and power of the higher consciousness
        into the lower nature.
            Now that is what consciousness is — it is not composed
        of parts, it is fundamental to being and itself formulates any
        parts it chooses to manifest — developing them from above
        downward by a progressive coming down from spiritual
        levels towards the evolution in matter or formulating them
        in an upward working in the front by this process that we
        call evolution. If it chooses to work in you through the sense
        of ego, you think that it is the clear-cut individual I that does
        everything; if it begins to release itself from  that limited
        working, then you too either begin to expand your sense of
        I till it bursts into infinity and no longer exists or to shed it
        and flower into spiritual wideness.

                                                     CWSA 28: 22-23

        Scientific views of consciousness
            The ordinary view of consciousness is based on normal
        superficial experience plus science. For physical science con-
        sciousness is a temporary phenomenon in an unconscious
        world, something evolved in an animate organisation that
        somehow develops in an originally inanimate and uncon-
        scious Matter. It is not inherent in life, for the plant has it
        not, it is rather a growing flicker that, once established, lasts
        intermittently through sleep and waking while life lasts and
        disappears with the dissolution of life. The ordinary mind
        identifies consciousness with human waking consciousness

        10                               All India Magazine, May 2019
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