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difficult opening. When the mind falls quiet and the concentration
               becomes strong and the aspiration intense, then there is a begin-
               ning of experience. The more the faith, the more rapid the result is
               likely to be. For the rest one must not depend on one’s own eff orts
               only, but succeed in establishing a contact with the Divine and a
               receptivity to the Mother’s Power and Presence.
                                                            CWSA 29: 106-07

               A Yoga of Divine Life
                   You have apparently a call and may be fit for Yoga; but there

               are different paths and each has a different aim and end before it.

               It is common to all the paths to conquer the desires, to put aside
               the ordinary relations of life, and to try to pass from uncertainty
               to everlasting certitude. One may also try to conquer dream and
               sleep, thirst and hunger etc. But it is no part of my Yoga to have
               nothing to do with the world or with life or to kill the senses or
               entirely inhibit their action. It is the object of this Yoga to trans-
               form life by bringing down into it the Light, Power and Bliss of the
               divine Truth and its dynamic certitudes. This Yoga is not a Yoga of
               world-shunning asceticism, but of divine Life. Your object, on the
               other hand, can only be gained by entering into Samadhi and ceas-
               ing in it from all connection with world-existence.
               CWSA 29: 19                                                 Sri Aurobindo

               The two paths of Yoga
                   There are two paths of Yoga, one of tapasyD (discipline), and
               the other of surrender. The path of tapasyD is arduous. Here you

               rely solely upon yourself, you proceed by your own strength. You
               ascend and achieve according to the measure of your force. There
               is always the danger of falling down. And once you fall, you lie
               broken in the abyss and there is hardly a remedy. The other path,
               the path of surrender, is safe and sure. It is here, however, that the
               Western people find their difficulty. They have been taught to fear

               and avoid all that threatens their personal independence. They
                10                         All India Magazine, November 2022
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