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What is Existence

        Existence  is  not  a  fluke,  a  random  creation  by  nobody,  a
        thing that unaccountably happened to be. It carries in it-
        self the Word of God, it is full of a hidden Divine Presence.
            Existence is not  a blind  machine  that somehow  came
        and started a set ignoble motion without object or sense
        or purpose. Existence is a Truth of things unfolding by a
        gradual process of manifestation, an evolution of its own
        involved Reality.
            Existence is not an illusion, a Maya that had no reason,
        no business to exist, could not exist, does not exist but
        only seems to be. A mighty Reality manifests in itself this
        marvelous universe.
        Manifestation  is not an episode  of the  Eternal. It is his
        face and body of glory that is imperishable, it is the move-
        ment of his joy and power…
        All  that  is  is  the  manifestation  of  a  Divine  Infinite.  The
        universe has no other reason for existence.
        The Divine that we adore is not only a remote extra-cosmic
        Reality, but a half-veiled Manifestation present and near to
        us here in the universe. Life is the field of a divine manifes-
        tation not yet complete: here, in life, on earth, in the body,
        — ihaiva [here (itself)] as the Upanishads insist, — we have
        to unveil the Godhead; here we must make its transcendent
        greatness, light and sweetness real to our consciousness,
        here possess and, as far as may be, express it.

                                     CWSA 12: 218, 219, 218; CWSA 23: 74

                                         All India Magazine, July 2021
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