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— a little while ago, you told me “faithfulness”.

            I said that, but it’s not faithfulness, instead of faithfulness it’s

        But  why  should  there  not  be  faithfulness?  I  didn’t  put  it
        down, because I didn’t try to recall anything, I simply wrote
        down  what  seemed  to  me  the  most  important  and  most
        general. But it may be put in various ways.

        Sincerity or transparency
            In any case, what is always there, in all combinations and
        to whomever I give it, the first among them all is sincerity.
        For if there is no sincerity, one cannot advance even by half a
        step. So that is the first, and it is always there.
            But it is possible to translate it by another word, if you
        prefer it, which would be “transparency”. I shall explain this
            Someone is in front of me and I am looking at him; I look
        into his eyes. And if this person is sincere or “transparent”,
        through his eyes I go down and I see his soul — clearly. But
        — this is precisely the experience — when I look at somebody
        and see a little cloud, then I continue, I see a screen, and
        then sometimes it is a wall, and afterwards it is something
        quite black; and all this must be crossed, and holes bored in
        order to go through; and even then I am not sure if at the last
        minute I may not find myself before a door of bronze so thick
        that I shall never get through and see his soul; so, of such a
        person I can immediately say that he is not sincere. But I can
        also say, figuratively, that he is not transparent. That is the
        first thing.

                                         All India Magazine, July 2020
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