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Indian religion cannot be described by any of the definitions
        known to the occidental intelligence. In its totality it has
        been a free and tolerant synthesis of all spiritual worship and
        experience. Observing the one Truth from all its many sides,

        it shut out none. It gave itself no specific name and bound
        itself by no limiting distinction. Allowing separative designa-
        tions for its constituting cults and divisions, it remained itself
        nameless, formless, universal, infinite, like the Brahman of its

        agelong seeking. Although strikingly distinguished from other
        creeds by its traditional scriptures, cults and symbols, it is not
        in its essential character a credal religion at all but a vast and
        many-sided, an always unifying and always progressive and

        self-enlarging system of spiritual culture.
        CWSA 20: 193                                                                Sri Aurobindo

        6                             All India Magazine, October 2018
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