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only wisdom. But this world  is Brahman, the  world is  God, the
                                world is Satyam, the world is Ananda; it is our misreading of the
                                world through mental egoism that is a falsehood and our wrong
                                relation with God in the world that is a misery. There is no other
                                falsity and no other cause of sorrow.
                                                                                CWSA 12:96

                                An ascent to the Divine Perfection
                                   By Yoga we can rise out of falsehood into truth, out of weak-
                                ness into force, out of pain and grief into bliss, out of bondage
                                into freedom, out of death into immortality, out of darkness into
                                light, out of confusion into purity, out of imperfection into perfec-
                                tion, out of self-division into unity, out of Maya into God. All other
                                utilisation of Yoga is for special and fragmentary advantages not
                                always worth pursuing. Only that which aims at possessing the
                                fullness of God is purna Yoga; the sadhaka of the Divine Perfection
                                is the purna Yogin.
                                   Our aim must be to be perfect as God in His being and bliss is
                                perfect, pure as He is pure, blissful as He is blissful, and, when we
                                are ourselves siddha in the purna Yoga, to bring all mankind to the
                                same divine perfection. It does not matter if for the present we fall
                                short of our aim, so long as we give ourselves whole-heartedly to
                                the attempt and by living constantly in it and for it move forward
                                even two inches upon the road; even that will help to lead human-
                                ity out of the struggle and twilight in which it now dwells into the
                                luminous joy which God intends for us.
                                                                                CWSA 12: 98
                                Replace duality with Unity
                                   In brief, we have to replace dualities by unity, egoism by divine
                                consciousness,  ignorance  by  divine  wisdom,  thought  by  divine
                                knowledge, weakness, struggle & eff ort by self-contented divine
                                force, pain & false pleasure by divine bliss.
                                                                               CWSA 12: 101

                                                            All India Magazine, September 2020          All India Magazine, September 2020
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