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progressively  round  the  spark  of  Divine  Consciousness
        which is meant to be the centre of a growing being which
        becomes the psychic being when it is at last individualised.
        It is this spark that is permanent and gathers round itself all
        sorts of elements for the formation of that individuality; the
        true psychic being is formed only when the psychic person-
        ality is fully grown, fully built up, round the eternal divine
        spark; it attains its culmination, its total fulfilment if and
        when it unites with a being or personality from above. ...
            Of  course  one  cannot  say  that  every  man  has  got  a
        psychic being, just as one cannot refuse to grant it to every
        animal. Many animals that have lived near man have some
        beginnings  of  it,  while  so  often  one  comes  across  people
        who do not seem to be anything else than brutes. Here, too,
        there has been a good deal of levelling. But on the whole,
        the psychic in the true sense starts at the human stage: that
        is also why the Catholic religion declares that only man has
        a soul. In man alone there is the possibility of the psychic
        being growing to its full stature even so far as to be able in
        the end to join and unite with a descending being, a god-
        head from above.
                                                      CWM 3: 150-51

        Origin of psychic being
            This  is  how  things  happen.  The  origin  of  the  psychic
        life, the divine Presence in Matter is one and the same, that’s
        understood, but there are beings in the higher world who
        have never taken a body upon earth and who want to act
        there, have a terrestrial action. So they wait till some psychic
        beings attain their full development and unite with them to
        do some work according to their nature. Their conscious-
        ness is added to the psychic consciousness upon earth. These
        are  beings  who  have  never  taken  birth  here,  beings  who

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