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this is seen in the light of what I have just said, that no two universal
        combinations are alike, how can laws be established and what is the
        absolute truth of these laws?... It does not exist.
            For, if you are logical, of course with a little higher logic, since
        no two things, two combinations, two universal manifestations
        are ever the same, how can anything repeat itself? It can only be
        an appearance but is not a fact. And to fix rigid laws in this way
        —not that you cut yourself off from the apparent surface laws, for
        the mind makes many laws, and the surface very obligingly seems
        to comply with these laws, but it is only an appearance — but any-
        way this cuts you off from the creative Power of the Spirit, it cuts
        you off from the true Power of the Grace, for you can understand
        that if by your aspiration or your attitude you introduce a higher
        element, a new element —what we may now call a supramental el-
        ement—into the existing combinations, you can suddenly change
        their nature, and all these so-called necessary and ineluctable laws
        become absurdities. That is to say that you yourself, with your con-
        ception, with your attitude and your acceptance of certain alleged
        principles, you yourself close the door upon the possibility of the
        miracle — they are not miracles when one knows how they happen,
        but obviously for the outer consciousness they seem miraculous.
        And it is you yourself, saying to yourself with a logic that seems
        quite reasonable, “Well, if I do this, that will necessarily happen, or
        if I don’t do that, necessarily this other thing will happen”, it is you
        yourself who close the door — it is as though you were putting an
        iron curtain between yourself and the free action of the Grace.
        CWM  8:  315-16                                                                                    The Mother

          We are at a specially favorable time of universal existence,
          when everything on the earth is preparing for a new creation, or
          rather a new manifestation in the eternal creation.
                       The Mother: Conversation with a Disciple, November 7, 1970

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