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The Jivatma
            The phrase “central being” in our Yoga is usually applied to
        the portion of the Divine in us which supports all the rest and
        survives through death and birth. This central being has two
        forms — above, it is the  Jivatman, our true being, of which
        we become aware when the higher self-knowledge comes, —
        below, it is the psychic being which stands behind mind, body
        and life.
            The Jivatman is above the manifestation in life and presides
        over it; the psychic being stands behind the manifestation in
        life and supports it.
                                                      CWSA 28: 60-61

        Chaitya purusha
            The soul and the psychic being are practically the same,
        except that even in things which have not developed a psychic
        being, there is still a spark of the Divine which can be called
        the soul. The psychic being is called in Sanskrit the Purusha in
        the heart or the Chaitya Purusha. (The psychic being is the soul
        developing in the evolution.)
                                                        CWSA 28: 82

            The antarDtman is the soul, the portion of the Divine that
        is at the inmost basis of the evolving individual and supports
        the mind and life and body which are the instrumental parts of
        nature through which it tries to grow from the material Incon-
        science towards the divine Light and Immortality which are its
        proper being. The limitations of its instruments impose upon
        it an acceptance of the lower movements and a compromise
        between soul and nature which retard this movement even
        while it gets its means of advance from that interchange. The

        6                                All India Magazine, Nov. 2019
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