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After all, what is the difference between the animal body
        and the human ? If you see carefully, you .will see you
        have discarded the tail, and instead of walking on four
        legs  you  have  been using  two,  and  the other two  you
        have changed into hands. There have been slight but very
        important changes in the brain and some de tails here and
        there. You have cast off your fur and horns.

             Disciple : Not all men ! K. has a lot of fur yet (Laughter)

        Sri Aurobindo : You see, after all it is not so great a change
        in the physical as would create a gulf between animal
        and man!
              ( A B Purani, Evening Talks With Sri Aurobindo, Second Series,
                           Psychology, Page 238-239)

        Animal Communication
            Sri Aurobindo : People say animals can't think or rea-
        son. It is not at all true. Their intelligence has evolved to
        act only within the narrow limits of life, according to their
        own needs. But they have latent faculties which have not
        been developed.
            Cats have a language of their own. They utter different
        kinds of mews for different purposes. For instance, when
        the mother cat mews in a particular tone and rhythm af-
        ter leaving her kittens behind a box, the little ones under-
        stand that they are not to move from that place until she
        comes back and repeats that mew. It is through the tone
        and the rhythm through the tone and the rhythm that
        cats express themselves.
            Even donkeys, which are supposed to be very stupid,
        are sometimes unusually clever. Once some horses and
        donkeys were confined together, with the gate shut, to

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