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have and therefore in our normal state inaccessible to us
        and, if we can go down into the subconscient, we find there
        a consciousness other than our own at its lowest mental limit
        and therefore ordinarily inaccessible to us. The Inconscient
        itself is only an involved state of consciousness which like
        the Tao or Shunya, though in a different way, contains all
        things suppressed within it so that under a pressure from
        above or within all can evolve out of it — “an inert Soul
        with a somnambulist Force”.
            The gradations of consciousness are universal states not
        dependent on the outlook of the subjective personality; rath-
        er the outlook of the subjective personality is determined by
        the grade of consciousness in which it is organised accord-
        ing to its typal nature or its evolutionary stage.
            It will be evident that by consciousness is meant some-
        thing which is essentially the same throughout but variable
        in status, condition and operation, in which in some grades
        or conditions the activities we call consciousness can exist
        either in a suppressed or an unorganised or a differently
        organised state; while in other states some other activities
        may manifest which in us are suppressed, unorganised or
        latent or else are less perfectly manifested, less intensive,
        extended and powerful than in those higher grades above
        our highest mental limit.
                                                     CWSA 28: 15-17

        Awareness and Force
            Consciousness is made up of two elements, awareness of
        self and things and forces and conscious power. Awareness
        is the first thing necessary, you have to be aware of things
        in the right consciousness, in the right way, seeing them
        in their truth; but awareness by itself is not enough. There
        must be a Will and a Force that make the consciousness ef-

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