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Concentration in the heart and in the head
            The concentration in the heart and the concentration in the
        head can both be used — each has its own result. The first opens
        up the psychic being and brings bhakti, love and union with the
        Mother, her presence within the heart and the action of her Force
        in the nature. The other opens the mind to self-realisation, to the
        consciousness of what is above mind, to the ascent of the con-
        sciousness out of the body and the descent of the higher con-
        sciousness into the body.
                                                      (CWSA 29:326)

        Sadhana is necessary
            If the habit of the ordinary nature is not any obstacle to the
        descent, then what is the need of sadhana? What prevents the
        whole higher consciousness from coming down and changing you
        into a superman in one second? It is because the things of the
        lower nature offer an obstinate resistance that long sadhana is
                                                      (CWSA 30:487)

        Best attitude for the sadhana
            That you should depend on the Mother for the sadhana is the
        best attitude, for it is indeed her Force that does the sadhana in
                                                      (CWSA 31:276)

        Each sadhaka has his own separate sadhana
            Each sadhak has his own separate sadhana, his own difficul-
        ties, his own way to follow. His sadhana is between him and the
        Divine; no one else has a part in it.
                                                      (CWSA 31:630)

        6                              All India Magazine, March 2023
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