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that you cannot become integrally consecrated at once. You are
        often deluded into such a belief when, for a day or two, you have
        a strong movement of a particular kind. You are led to hope that
        everything else will automatically follow in its wake; but in fact
        if you become the least bit self-complacent you retard your own
        advance. For your being is full of innumerable tendencies at war
        with one another — almost different personalities, we may say.
        When one of them gives itself to the Divine, the others come up
        and refuse their allegiance. “We have not given ourselves,” they
        cry, and start clamouring for their independence and expression.
        Then you bid them be quiet and show them the Truth. Patiently
        you have to go round your whole being, exploring each nook and
        corner, facing all those anarchic elements in you which are waiting
        for their psychological moment to come up. And it is only when
        you have made the entire round of your mental, vital and physical
        nature, persuaded everything to give itself to the Divine and thus
        achieved an absolute unified consecration that  you put an end
        to your difficulties. Then indeed yours is a glorious walk towards
        transformation, for you no longer go from darkness to knowledge
        but  from  knowledge  to  knowledge,  light  to  light,  happiness  to
        happiness....  The  complete  consecration  is  undoubtedly  not  an
        easy matter, and it might take an almost indefinitely long time if
        you had to do it all by yourself, by your own independent effort. But
        when the Divine’s Grace is with you it is not exactly like that. With
        a little push from the Divine now and then, a little push in this
        direction and in that, the work becomes comparatively quite easy.
        Of course the length of time depends on each individual, but it
        can be very much shortened if you make a really firm resolve. Res-
        olution is the one thing required — resolution is the master-key.
                                                      CWM 3: 126-27

              All has to be done by the working of the Mother’s force
                aided by your aspiration, devotion and surrender.
                                                     Sri Aurobindo

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