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               I walked on the high-wayed Seat of Solomon
                   Where Shankaracharya’s tiny temple stands
               Facing Infinity from Time’s edge, alone
                   On the bare ridge ending earth’s vain romance.
               Around me was a formless solitude:
                   All had become one strange Unnameable,
               An unborn sole Reality world-nude,
                   Topless and fathomless, for ever still.

               A Silence that was Being’s only word,
                   The unknown beginning and the voiceless end
               Abolishing all things moment-seen or heard,
                   On an incommunicable summit reigned,

               A lonely Calm and void unchanging Peace
               On the dumb crest of Nature’s mysteries.
                                                        CWSA 2: 621

                           The Hill-top Temple
            After unnumbered steps of a hill-stair
               I saw upon earth’s head brilliant with sun
               The immobile Goddess in her house of stone
            In a loneliness of meditating air.
            Wise were the human hands that set her there
               Above the world and Time’s dominion;
               The Soul of all that lives, calm, pure, alone,
            Revealed its boundless self mystic and bare.
            Our body is an epitome of some Vast
               That masks its presence by our humanness.
               In us the secret Spirit can indite
            A page and summary of the Infinite,
            A nodus of Eternity expressed
               Live in an image and a sculptured face.            CWSA 2: 622

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