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fective. Somebody may have the full consciousness of what
        has to be changed, what has to go and what has to come in
        its place, but may be helpless to make the change. Another
        may have the will-force, but for want of a right awareness
        may be unable to apply it in the right way at the right place.
        The advantage of being in the psychic consciousness is that
        you have the right awareness and its will being in harmony
        with the Mother’s will, you can call in the Mother’s Force to
        make the change. Those who live in the mind and the vital
        are not so well able to do this; they are obliged to use mostly
        their personal effort and as the awareness and will and force
        of the mind and vital are divided and imperfect, the work
        done is imperfect and not definitive. It is only in the super-
        mind that Awareness, Will, Force are always one movement
        and automatically effective.
                                                     CWSA 28: 24-25

        If consciousness and energy  are  the  same  thing, there  would
        be no use in having two different words for them. In that case
        instead of saying, “I am conscious of my defects”, one can say, “I
        am energetic of my defects.” If a man is running fast, you can say
        of him, “He is running with great energy.” Do you think it would
        mean the same if you said, “He is running with great conscious-
        ness”? Consciousness is that which is aware of things — energy is
        a force put in action which does things. Consciousness may have
        energy and keep it in or put it out, but that does not mean that it
        is only another word for energy and that it has to go out when the
        energy goes out and that it cannot stand back and observe the
        energy in action. You have plenty of inertia in you but that does
        not mean that you and inertia are the same and when inertia
        rises and swamps you it is you who rise and swamp yourself.
        CWSA 28: 25                                                                         Sri Aurobindo

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