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psychic being is the soul-form or soul-personality developing
        through this evolution and passing from life to life till all is
        ready for the higher evolution beyond the Ignorance.
                                                       CWSA 28: 110

            Atma is not the same as psychic — Atma is the self which
        is one in all, calm, wide, ever at peace, always free. The psychic
        being is the soul within that experiences life and develops with
        evolving mind and life and body. The psychic does not suffer
        like the vital or body, it has not pain or anguish or despair; but
        it has a psychic sorrow which is different from these things. It
        has a kind of quiet sweet sadness of yearning which it feels
        when things go against the Divine, when the obscurity and
        obstacles are too heavy, when the mind, vital and physical
        follow after other things, when evil and falsehood and darkness
        seem to be too strong for the Light. It does not despair, but
        feels that these things ought not to be and the psychic yearn-
        ing for it to be otherwise becomes so intense that it is felt as if
        something akin to sadness.
                                                        CWSA 28:108

        Psychic and children
            There are people whose psychic being watches over their
        formation before their birth, even before they are in the womb
        of their mother. There are children whose psychic being comes
        into contact with them at the very moment they utter their
        first cry. There are also people whose psychic being comes a
        few hours after their birth, or some days after, or some weeks,
        some months, some years after or... never!
                                                         CWM 4:140

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