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Change of consciousness
                                     Yoga is a means by which one arrives at union with the Truth
                                behind things through an inner discipline which leads us from the
                                consciousness of the outward and apparent to the consciousness
                                of the inner and real. Yoga consciousness does not exclude the
                                knowledge of the outer apparent world but it sees it with the eyes
                                of an inner, not an outer seeing and experience, alters and sets
                                right all its values in the light of an inner deeper greater truer con-
                                sciousness and applies to it the Law of the reality, exchanging the
                                law of the creature's Ignorance for the rule of a divine Will and
                                   A change of consciousness is the whole meaning of the pro-
                                cess of Yoga[.]…
                                   Yoga is the science, the process, the eff ort and action by which
                                man attempts to pass out of the limits of his ordinary mental con-
                                sciousness into a greater spiritual consciousness[.]
                                                                               CWSA 12: 327

                                Key to an inner larger consciousness
                                   Any psychic discipline by which we can pass partly or wholly
                                into a spiritual state of the consciousness, any spontaneous or
                                systematised approach to the inner Reality or the supreme Real-
                                ity, any state of union or closeness to the Divine, any entry into a
                                consciousness larger, deeper or higher than the normal conscious-
                                ness common to humankind, fall automatically within the range
                                of the word Yoga. Yoga takes us from the surface into the depths
                                of our consciousness or it admits us into its very centre; it takes
                                us up to the hidden topmost heights of our conscious being. It
                                shows to us the secrets of the Self and the secret of the Divine. It
                                gives us the knowledge, the vision, the presence of the Immanent
                                and the Cosmic and the Transcendent Reality; that is its supreme
                                                                               CWSA 12: 329

                                All India Magazine, September 2020
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