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Faith or trust
            There is a second, which is obviously, as indispensable if
        you want to go forward; it is to have faith. Or another word,
        which seems more limited but is for me more important, be-
        cause (it is a question of experience) if your faith is not made
        of a complete trust in the Divine, well, you may very easily
        remain under the impression that you have faith and yet be
        losing all trust in the divine Power or divine Goodness, or the
        Trust the Divine has in you. These are the three stumbling-
            Those who have what they call an unshakable faith in the
        Divine, and say, “It is the Divine who is doing everything, who
        can do everything; all that happens in me, in others, every-
        where, is the work of the Divine and the Divine alone”, if they
        follow this with some kind of logic, after some time they will
        blame the Divine for all the most terrible wrongs which take
        place in the world and make of Him a real demon, cruel and
        frightful — if they have no trust.
            Or again, they do have faith, but tell themselves, “Well, I
        have faith in the Divine, but this world, I see quite well what
        it’s like! First of all, I suffer so much, don’t I? I am very un-
        happy, far more unhappy than all my neighbours”— for one
        is always far more unhappy than all one’s neighbours —“I
        am very unhappy and, truly, life is cruel to me. But then the
        Divine is divine, He is All-Goodness, All-Generosity, All-Har-
        mony, so how is it that I am so unhappy? He must be power-
        less; otherwise being so good how could He let me suffer so
            That is the second stumbling-block.
            And the third: there are people who have what may be
        called a warped and excessive modesty or humility and who
        tell themselves, “Surely the Divine has thrown me out, I am
        good for nothing, He can do nothing with me, the only thing

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