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materialised themselves more and more as the creation
        proceeded. They are perhaps the first emanations, beings
        sent into the universe for special reasons — men call them
        “gods” or “demi-gods”. So, one of these beings may have
        chosen, for some special reason, a psychic being in forma-
        tion — he helps it, follows its development and, when this
        psychic  is  sufficiently  ready  and  sufficiently  strong  to  be
        able to support the identification, he unites with it, identi-
        fies with it to do some work upon earth. This is not very
        frequent, but it has happened and still happens. You find
        stories  in  ancient  traditions  about  gods  incarnating  upon
        earth; some mythologies speak of them. That corresponds
        to something true. But all psychic beings are not necessarily
        united with a being of the higher planes.
                                                        CWM 4: 184

        Progress of psychic being
            There are in the psychic being two very different kinds
        of progress: one consisting in its formation, building and
        organisation.  For  the  psychic  starts  by  being  only  a  kind
        of tiny divine spark within the being and out of this spark
        will emerge progressively an independent conscious being
        having  its  own  action  and  will.  The  psychic  being  at  its
        origin is only a spark of the divine consciousness and it is
        through successive lives that it builds up a conscious indi-
        viduality. It is a progress similar to that of a growing child.
        It is a thing in the making. For a long time, in most human
        beings the psychic is a being in the making. It is not a fully
        individualised,  fully  conscious  being  and  master  of  itself
        and it needs all its rebirths, one after another, in order to
        build itself and become fully conscious.
            But this sort of progress has an end. There comes a time
        when  the  being  is  fully  developed,  fully  individualised,

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