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known depths of our being.
            Moreover, when this meeting occurs, our whole attitude is
            When we become one with the inner Godhead, we become
        one in depth with all, and it is through Her and by Her that
        we must come into contact with all beings. Then, free from all
        attraction and repulsion, all likes and dislikes, we are close to
        what is close to Her and far from what is far from Her.
                                                      CWM 2: 71-73

        It is childishly simple. If you have the consciousness of an an-
        imal, you will love like an animal. If you have the conscious-
        ness of an ordinary man, you will love like an ordinary man.
        If you have the consciousness of an ´elite being, you will love
        like an ´elite being, and if you have a god’s consciousness,
        you will love like a god. It is simple! That’s what I have said.
        And so, if by an effort for progress and inner transformation,
        by aspiration and growth, you pass from one consciousness
        to the other and  your consciousness becomes vaster and
        vaster, well, the love you experience will be vaster and vast-
        er. That is quite clear!
            You take the purest water, water from the crystalline
        rocks, you collect it in a fairly large vase, and then, in this
        vase there is a little mud, or much, or a huge quantity of
        mud. And you could not say it is the same water which came
        down, yet it is the same, only you have mixed it with so many
        things in your vase that it no longer resembles it at all! Well,
        love in its essence is an absolutely pure, crystalline, perfect
        thing. In the human consciousness it gets mixed with a fairly
        considerable amount of mud. So it becomes more and more
        muddy in proportion to the amount of mud.
        CWM 6: 103                                                   The  Mother

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