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Evolution is nothing but the progressive unfolding of Spir-
        it  out of  the  density  of  material  consciousness  and  the
        gradual self-revelation of God out of this apparent animal
        All evolution is in essence a heightening of the force of con-
        sciousness in the manifest being so that it may be raised
        into the greater intensity of what is still unmanifest, from
        matter into life, from life into mind, from the mind into the
        All evolution is the progressive self-revelation of the One
        to himself in the terms of the Many out of the Inconscience
        through the Ignorance towards self-conscient perfection.
        Evolution in its essence is not the development of a more
        and more organised body or a more and more efficient life
        — these are only its machinery and outward circumstance.
        Evolution is the strife of a Consciousness somnambulised
        in Matter to wake and be free and find and possess itself
        and all its possibilities to the very utmost and widest, to
        the very last and highest. Evolution is the emancipation of
        a self-revealing Soul secret in  Form and  Force, the slow
        becoming of a Godhead, the growth of a Spirit.
            In this evolution mental man is not the goal and end,
        the completing value, the highest last significance; he is
        too small and imperfect to be the crown of all this travail
        of Nature.

        CWSA 12: 334; 22: 754-55 ; 12:  219, 166                                            Sri Aurobindo

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