Page 7 - All India Magazine Mar-2023
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If sadhana is a struggle between the higher will and the old
        forces of nature bringing suffering and inner torment, we do not
        want you to do that kind of sadhana. That is not the spirit of our
        Yoga. What we want you to do is to recover your quietude and
        go on in that. To have the basis of quietude and allow the Divine
        Force to work in you firmly and quietly is always the best method
        — it is not necessary to proceed through a big personal effort,
        disturbance and struggle. Come back to this — open yourself once
        more, as you did before — then you could get back sleep or health
        in a day or two and were growing inwardly without excessive trou-
        ble — and let the Mother’s Power and Grace lead you.
                                                      (CWSA 31:746)

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