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is to be done so as not to catch it?... So the mind begins to
        tremble: what is going to happen tomorrow? etc.
            As for the vital, you feel it. You feel it in your sensations.
        All at once you feel hot, you feel cold, you perspire or all
        kinds of unpleasant things happen. And then you feel your
        heart beating fast and suddenly you have fever and then the
        circulation stops and you become cold.
            Physically, well... When you do not any longer have the
        other two fears, you can become aware of the physical fear.
        Generally, the other two are much more conscious. They
        hide the physical fear from you. But when you have no lon-
        ger any mental or vital fear, then you become aware of it. It
        is a curious little vibration that gets into your cells and they
        begin shivering that way. But the cells are not like a heart
        beating very fast. It is in the very cells: they tremble with
        just a slight quivering. And it is very difficult to control this.
        Yet it can be controlled.
                                                      CWM 5: 166-67

        Moral condition and faith
            There  are  sadhus,  you  know,  who  accept  the  condi-
        tions  of  a  dirty  life  through  saintliness.  They  never  wash
        themselves,  they  have  nothing  about  them  that  hygiene
        demands.  They  live  in  a  truly  dirty  condition  –  and  they
        are free from all illness. Probably because they have faith
        and they do so purposely. Their spirit is magnificent.... I am
        speaking of sincere people and not those who pretend. They
        have faith. They do not think of their body, they think of the
        life of their soul. They have no illness. There are some who
        come to a state in which an arm or a leg or any part of the
        body has become completely stiff due to their ascetic pos-
        ture. They cannot move any more; anybody else would die

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