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cret of the Rajayoga that mind is the master of the body, creates it and
                                 conditions it, body is not the master, creator or lawgiver of the mind.
                                                                                 CWSA 1: 508

                                 Moral purification through yama and niyama
                                     Rajayoga also  uses the  Pranayama and  for the  same  principal
                                 psychic purposes as the Hathayoga, but being in its whole principle
                                 a psychical system, it employs it only as one stage in the series of its
                                 practices and to a very limited extent, for three or four large utilities.

                                 It does not start with Asana and Pranayama, but insists first on a
                                 moral purification of the mentality. This preliminary is of supreme im-

                                 portance; without it the course of the rest of the Rajayoga is likely to
                                 be troubled, marred and full of unexpected mental, moral and physi-

                                 cal perils. This moral purification is divided in the established system

                                 under two heads, five yamas and five niyamas. The first are rules of

                                 moral self-control in conduct such as truth-speaking, abstinence from
                                 injury or killing, from theft etc.; but in reality these must be regarded
                                 as merely certain main indications of the general need of moral self-
                                 control and purity. Yama is, more largely, any self-discipline by which
                                 the rajasic egoism and its passions and desires in the human being
                                 are conquered and quieted into perfect cessation. The object is to
                                 create a moral calm, a void of the passions, and so prepare for the
                                 death of egoism in the rajasic human being. The Niyamas are equally
                                 a discipline of the mind by regular practices of which the highest is
                                 meditation on the divine Being, and their object is to create a sattwic
                                 calm, purity and preparation for concentration upon which the se-
                                 cure pursuance of the rest of the Yoga can be founded.
                                     It is here, when this foundation has been secured, that the prac-
                                 tice of Asana and Pranayama come in and can then bear their perfect
                                 fruits. By itself the control of the mind and moral being only puts our
                                 normal consciousness into the right preliminary condition; it cannot
                                 bring about that evolution or manifestation of the higher psychic be-
                                 ing which is necessary for the greater aims of Yoga.
                                                                              CWSA 23: 538-39

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