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Offering your will to the Divine
                   You have a will and  you can offer that will. Take the exam-

               ple of becoming conscious of  your nights. If  you take the at-
               titude of passive surrender,  you would say, “When it is the Di-
               vine Will that I should become conscious, then I shall become

               conscious.” On the other hand, if  you offer  your will to the
               Divine, you begin to will, you say, “I will become conscious of my
               nights.” You have the will that it should be done; you do not sit
               down idle and wait. The surrender comes in when you take the
               attitude that says, “I give my will to the Divine. I intensely want
               to become conscious of my nights, I have not the knowledge, let
               the Divine Will work it out for me.” Your will must continue to act
               steadily, not in the way of choosing a particular action or demand-
               ing a particular object, but as an ardent aspiration concentrated
               upon the end to be achieved. This is the first step. If you are vigi-

               lant, if your attention is alert, you will certainly receive something
               in the form of an inspiration of what is to be done and that you
               must forthwith proceed to do. Only,  you must remember that
               to surrender is to accept whatever is the result of  your action,

               though the result may be quite different from what you expect.
               On the other hand, if your surrender is passive, you will do nothing
               and try nothing; you will simply go to sleep and wait for a miracle.
                                                                 CWM 3: 19

               Spiritual discipline
                   The number of hours spent in meditation is no proof of spiri-
               tual progress. It is a proof of your progress when you no longer

               have to make an effort to meditate. Then you have rather to make

               an effort to stop meditating: it becomes difficult to stop medi-

               tation, difficult to stop thinking of the Divine, diffi  cult to come

               down to the ordinary consciousness. Then you are sure of prog-
               ress, then you have made real progress when concentration in the
               Divine is the necessity of your life, when you cannot do without it,
               when it continues naturally from morning to night whatever you

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