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(2)  Because  the  object  sought  after  is  not  an  individual
        achievement of divine realisation for the sole sake of the individ-
        ual, but something to be gained for the earth-consciousness here,
        a cosmic, not solely a supra-cosmic achievement. The thing to be
        gained also is the bringing in of a Power of consciousness (the su-
        pramental) not yet organised or active directly in earth nature, even
        in the spiritual life, but yet to be organised and made directly active.
            (3) Because a method has been preconised for achieving this
        purpose which is as total and integral as the aim set before it, viz.
        the total and integral change of the consciousness and nature,
        taking up old methods but only as a part action and passing on
        to others that are distinctive. I have not found this method (as a
        whole) or anything like it in its totality proposed or realised in the
        old Yogas. If I had I should not have wasted my time in hewing
        out a road and in thirty years of search and inner creation when
        I could have hastened home safely to my goal in an easy canter
        over paths already blazed out, laid down, perfectly mapped, mac-
        adamised, made secure and public. Our Yoga is not a retreading of
        old walks, but a spiritual adventure.
                                                   (CWSA 29:399-401)

        Everyone who is turned to the Mother is doing the Yoga.
            Everyone who is turned to the Mother is doing my Yoga. It is a
        great mistake to suppose that one can “do” the Purna Yoga — i.e.
        carry out and fulfil all the sides of the Yoga by one’s own effort. No
        human being can do that. What one has to do is to put oneself in
        the Mother’s hands and open oneself to her by service, by bhakti,
        by aspiration; then the Mother by her light and force works in him
        so that the sadhana is done. It is a mistake also to have the ambi-
        tion to be a big Purna Yogi or a supramental being and ask oneself
        how far have I got towards that. The right attitude is to be devoted
        and given to the Mother and to wish to be whatever she wants
        you to be. The rest is for the Mother to decide and do in you.
        (CWSA 32:151-152)                                               Sri Aurobindo

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