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Qualities Needed for Sadhana

        Indispensable Qualities
            It goes without saying that the qualities you speak of
        are helpful in the approach to the spiritual path, while the
        defects you enumerate are each a serious stumbling-block
        in the way. Sincerity especially is indispensable to the spiri-
        tual endeavour, and crookedness a constant obstacle. The
        sattwic nature has always been held to be themost apt and
        ready for the spiritual life, while the rajasic nature is encum-
        bered by its desires and passions. At the same time, spiri-
        tuality is something above the dualities, and what is most
        needed for it is a true upward aspiration. This may come to
        the rajasic man as well as to the sattwic. If it does, he can
        rise by it above his failings and desires and passions, just as
        the other can rise beyond his virtues, to the Divine Purity and
        Light and Love. Necessarily this can only happen if he con-
        quers his lower nature and throws it from him; for if he re-
        lapses into it, he is likely to fall from the path or at least to
        be, so long as the relapse lasts, held back by it from inner
        progress. But for all that the conversion of great sinners into
        great saints, of men of little or no virtue into spiritual seek-
        ers and God-lovers has frequently happened in religious and
        spiritual history — as in Europe St. Augustine, in India Chait-
        anya’s Jagai and Madhai, Bilwamangal and many others. The
        house of the Divine is not closed to any who knock sincerely
        at its gates, whatever their past stumbles and errors. Human
        virtues and human errors are bright and dark wrappings of a
        divine element within which once it pierces the veil, can burn
        through both towards the heights of the Spirit.
            Humility before the Divine is also a sine qua non of the
        spiritual life, and spiritual pride, arrogance, or vanity and sel-
        fassurance press always downward. But confidence in the

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