Page 14 - All India Magazine Jul-2021
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What is Openness and How to Open Oneself

        To be open is simply to be so turned to the Mother that her
        Force can work in  you  without anything refusing  or ob-
        structing her action. If the mind is shut up in its own ideas
        and refuses to allow her to bring in the Light and the Truth,
        if the vital clings to its desires and does not admit the true
        initiative and impulsions that the Mother’s power brings, if
        the physical is shut up in its desire, habits and inertia and
        does not allow the Light and Force to enter in it and work,
        then one is not open.
                                       CWSA 32: 151  (SABCL 25: 123-24)

        Opening is a thing that happens of itself by sincerity of will
        and aspiration.
                                         CWSA 29: 105  (SABCL 23: 604)

        Surrender is the best way of opening; but aspiration and
        quietness can do it up to a certain point so long as there is
        not the surrender.
                                          CWSA 29: 106 (SABCL 23: 603)

        It is by confidence in the Mother that the opening needed
        will come when your consciousness is ready. ...
            It is not by meditation alone that what is needed will
        come. It is by faith and openness to the Mother.
                                         CWSA 29: 109  (SABCL 23: 604)

        Keep yourself open to the Mother, remember her always
        and let her Force work in you, rejecting all other influences
        — that is the rule for Yoga.          CWSA 29: 109  (SABCL 23: 604)

                                         All India Magazine, July 2021
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