Page 18 - All India Magazine Jan-2023
P. 18

This prophet of a scanty fixed idea,
        Plays now the leader of our human march;
        His might shall build the future’s triumph arch.
        Now is the world for his eating a ripe fruit.
        His shadow falls from London to Corea.
        Cities and nations crumble in his course.
        A terror holds the peoples in its grip:
        World-destiny waits upon that foaming lip.
        A Titan Power upholds this pigmy man,
        The crude dwarf instrument of a mighty Force.
        Hater of the free spirit’s joy and light,
        Made only of strength and skill and giant might,
        A Will to trample humanity into clay
        And unify earth beneath one iron sway,
        Insists upon its fierce enormous plan.
        Trampling man’s mind and will into one mould
        Docile and facile in a dreadful hold,
        It cries its demon slogans to the crowd.
        But if its tenebrous empire were allowed,
        That mastery would prepare the dismal hour
        When the Inconscient shall regain its right,
        And man who emerged as Nature’s conscious power,
        Shall sink into the deep original night
        Sharing like all her forms that went before
        The doom of the mammoth and the dinosaur.
        It is the shadow of the Titan’s robe
        That looms across the panic-stricken globe.
        In his high villa on the fatal hill
        Alone he listens to that sovereign Voice,
        Dictator of his action’s sudden choice,
        The tiger leap of a demoniac skill.
        An energy his body cannot invest,—
        Too small and human for that dreadful guest,
        A tortured channel, not a happy vessel,—

        18                            All India Magazine, January 2023
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