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Equality of the Vital (Prana)

              A perfect equality not only of the self, but in the nature is a

              condition of the Yoga of self-perfection. The first obvious
              step to it will be the conquest of our emotional and vital
              being, for here are the sources of greatest trouble, the most
              rampant forces of inequality and subjection, the most insis-
              tent claim of our imperfection. The equality of these parts
              of our nature comes by purification and freedom. We might

              say that equality is the very sign of liberation. To be free
              from  the  domination  of  the  urge  of  vital  desire  and  the
              stormy mastery of the soul by the passions is to have a calm
              and equal heart and a life-principle governed by the large
              and even view of a universal spirit. Desire is the impurity of
              the Prana, the life-principle, and its chain of bondage. A free

              Prana means a content and satisfied lifesoul which fronts
              the contact of outward things without desire and receives
              them with an equal response; delivered, uplifted above the
              servile duality of liking and disliking, indifferent to the urg-

              ings of pleasure and pain, not excited by the pleasant, not
              troubled and overpowered by the unpleasant, not clinging

              with a achment to the touches it prefers or violently repel-
              ling those for which it has an aversion, it will be opened to
              a greater system of values of experience. All that comes to
              it from the world with menace or with solicitation, it will
              refer to the higher principles, to a reason and heart in touch
              with or changed by the light and calm joy of the spirit. Thus
              quieted, mastered by the spirit and no longer trying to im-

              pose its own mastery on the deeper and finer soul in us,
              this life-soul will be itself spiritualised and work as a clear
              and noble instrument of the diviner dealings of the spirit
              with things. There is no question here of an ascetic killing of
              the life-impulse and its native utilities and functions; not its

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