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and spontaneous surrender, you tell yourself: “How is it? I took
        so much trouble to do a thing which is not for a selfish purpose,
        which is for the Divine Work, and this is the result, it is not suc-
        cessful!” Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, it is like that.
            True surrender is a very difficult thing.
                                                          CWM 5: 53
        The three stages
            In fact, the first victory is to create an individuality. And then
        later, the second victory is to give this individuality to the Divine.
        And the third victory is that the Divine changes your individuality
        into a divine being.
            There are three stages: the first is to become an individual;
        the second is to consecrate the individual, that he may surrender
        entirely to the Divine and be identified with Him; and the third is
        that the Divine takes possession of this individual and changes
        him into a being in His own image, that is, he too becomes divine.
            Generally, all the yogas stopped at the second. When one had
        succeeded in surrendering the individual and giving him without
        reserve to the Divine to be identified with Him, one considered
        that his work was finished, that all was accomplished.
            But we begin there, and we say, “No, this is only a beginning.
        We want this Divine with whom we are identified to enter our in-
        dividuality and make it into a divine personality acting in a divine
        world.” And this is what we call transformation. But the other pre-
        cedes it, must precede it. If that is not done, there is no possibility
        of doing the third. One can’t go from the first to the third; one
        must pass through the second.                 CWM 7: 402-03

        Surrender of mental conceptions
            Here you say: “When you come to the Divine, you must abandon
            all mental conceptions; but, instead of doing that, you throw your
            conceptions upon the Divine and want the Divine to obey them.”

        Yes, everyone. All the while, constantly. If the Divine is not as you

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