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ning the one great necessity is to get the mind quiet, reject
        at the time of meditation all thoughts and movements that
        are foreign to the sadhana. In the quiet mind there will be
        a progressive preparation for the experience. But you must
        not become impatient if all is not done at once; it takes time
        to bring entire quiet into the mind; you have to go on till the
        consciousness is ready.
                                       CWSA 29: 106  (SABCL 23: 604-05)

        A disclosure from within or a descent from above are the
        two sovereign ways of the Yoga-siddhi. An effort of the
        external surface mind or emotions, a tapasya of some kind
        may seem to build up something of these things, but the
        results are usually uncertain and fragmentary compared to
        the result of the two radical ways. That is why in this Yoga
        we insist always on an “opening” — an opening inwards of
        the inner mind, vital, physical to the inmost part of us, the
        psychic, and an opening upwards to what is above the mind
        — as indispensable for the fruits of the sadhana.
                                      CWSA 30: 324  (SABCL 24: 1163-64)

        [From a letter to a disciple]:
        There  has  never been here any  real  surrender,  any  giv-
        ing up of yourself freely and simply into the hands of the
        Divine Mother. And yet that is the only way to succeed in
        the supramental Yoga. To be a Yogi, a Sannyasi, a Tapaswi
        is not the object here. The object is transformation, and
        the transformation can only be done by a force infinitely
        greater than your own; it can only be done by being truly
        like a child in the hands of the Divine Mother.
        CWSA 32: 143  (SABCL 25: 129)                                                                                         Sri Aurobindo

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