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from the Divine. Equanimity is the essential condition of union
               and communion with the Divine.
                                                               CWM 3: 8-10

               Need of strong body and nerves
                   You must have a strong body and strong nerves. You must
               have a strong basis of equanimity in your external being. If you
               have this basis, you can contain a world of emotion and yet not
               have to scream it out. This does not mean that you cannot ex-
               press your emotion, but you can express it in a beautiful harmoni-
               ous way. To weep or scream or dance about is always a proof of
               weakness, either of the vital or the mental or the physical nature;
               for on all these levels the activity is for selfsatisfaction. One who
               dances and jumps and screams has the feeling that he is somehow
               very unusual in his excitement; and his vital nature takes great
               pleasure in that. ...
                   If you have to bear the pressure of the Divine Descent, you
               must be very strong and powerful, otherwise you would be shaken
               to pieces. Some persons ask, “Why has not the Divine come yet?”
               Because you are not ready. If a little drop makes you sing and dance
               and scream, what would happen if the whole thing came down?
                   Therefore do we say to people who have not a strong and fi rm
               and capacious basis in the body and the vital and the mind, “Do
               not pull”, meaning “Do not try to pull at the forces of the Divine,
               but wait in peace and calmness.” For they would not be able to
               bear the descent. But to those who possess the necessary basis
               and foundation we say, on the contrary, “Aspire and draw.” For
               they would be able to receive and yet not be upset by the forces
               descending from the Divine.
                                                              CWM 3: 10-11

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