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Fear and Illness
            Can one get ill through fear?

        Yes. I knew someone who was so full of fear that he got
        cholera! There was cholera in the next house and he got so
        frightened that he caught the illness and without any other
        reason, there was no other reason for his catching it: it was
        through sheer fright. And it is a very common thing; in an
        epidemic, it is so in the majority of cases. It is through fear
        that the door is opened and you catch the illness. Those
        who have no fear can go about freely and generally they
        catch nothing. But still as I have said there,  you may have
        no fear in the mind, you may have no fear even in the vital,
        but who has no fear in the body?... Very few.
            A strict discipline is needed to cure the body of fear. The
        cells themselves tremble. It is only by discipline, by yoga
        that one can overcome this fear. But it is a fact that one can
        catch anything through fear, even invite an accident. And,
        you see, from a certain point of view everything is conta-
        gious. I knew a person who got a wound through the kind
        of fear that he felt seeing someone else’s wound. He really
        got it.

            What is the difference between mental, vital and physi-
            cal fear?

        If you are conscious of the movement of your mind, the
        movement of your vital and the movement of your physical,
        you know it.
            As for the mental, it is very simple: thoughts come. You
        begin thinking, for example, there is this illness and this ill-
        ness is very contagious, perhaps you are going to catch it,
        and if you catch it, it is going to be a terrible affair and what

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