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Equality — The Foundation of Sadhana

              There can be no firm foundation in sadhana without equal-
              ity, samata. Whatever the unpleasantness of circumstances,
              however disagreeable the conduct of others, you must learn
              to receive them with a perfect calm and without any dis-
              turbing reaction. These things are the test of equality. It is
              easy to be calm and equal when things go well and people
              and circumstances are pleasant; it is when they are the op-
              posite that the completeness of the calm, peace, equality can
              be tested, reinforced, made perfect.
              Equality is the chief support of the true spiritual conscious-
              ness and it is this from which the sadhak deviates when he
              allows a  vital  movement  to carry  him away  in feeling  or
              speech or action.

                                                         CWSA 29: 129, 130

              You have to move towards a firm basis of calm and equality
              in the vital  and  physical no less than in the mental con-
              sciousness;  let  there  be  the  full  downflow  of  Power  and

              Ananda, but into a firm adhara capable of containing it — it
              is a complete equality that gives that capacity and firmness.

              When  the  peace  of  the  higher  consciousness  descends,  it
              brings always  with  it  this tendency  towards  equality,  sa-
              mata, because without samata peace is always liable to be

              a acked by the waves of the lower nature.
                                                         CWSA 29: 127, 128

              ... two largest and highest states or powers of consciousness,

              equality and oneness. ... A aining to a perfect equality in
              the soul, mind and heart, we realise our true self of oneness,

              All India Magazine, October 2020
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