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This Yoga includes both liberation & transcendence
            The Yoga practised here includes both liberation and tran-
        scendence, but it takes liberation or even a certain Nirvana, if that
        comes, as a first step and not as the last step of its siddhi. What-
        ever exit to or towards the Transcendent it achieves is an ascent
        accompanied by a descent of the power, light, consciousness that
        has been achieved and it is by such descents that is to be achieved
        the spiritual and supramental transformation here.
                                                      (CWSA 29:499)

        Knowledge, Bhakti, works etc. have all their place
            Please remember that I have been declaring all along an inte-
        gral Yoga in which Knowledge, Bhakti, works — light of conscious-
        ness, Ananda and love, will and power in works — meditation, ado-
        ration, service of the Divine have all their place.
                                                      (CWSA 29:223)
        Newness of Purna Yoga
            I have never said that my Yoga was something brand new in all
        its elements. I have called it the integral Yoga and that means that
        it takes up the essence and many processes of the old Yogas — its
        newness is in its aim, standpoint and the totality of its method......

        It is new as compared with the old Yogas:
            (1) Because it aims not at a departure out of world and life
        into a Heaven or a Nirvana, but at a change of life and existence,
        not as something subordinate or incidental, but as a distinct and
        central object. If there is a descent in other Yogas, yet it is only
        an incident on the way or resulting from the ascent — the ascent
        is the real thing. Here the ascent is indispensable, but what is de-
        cisive, what is finally aimed at is the resulting descent. It is the
        descent of the new consciousness attained by the ascent that is
        the stamp and seal of the sadhana. Even Tantra and Vaishnavism
        end in the release from life; here the object is the divine fulfilment
        of life.

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