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                                 The first condition
                                     Man fulfilling himself in the body is given Hathayoga as his means.

                                 When he rises above the body, he abandons Hathayoga as a trouble-
                                 some and inferior process and rises to the Rajayoga, the discipline

                                 peculiar to the aeon in which man now evolves. The first condition
                                 of success in Rajayoga is to rise superior to the  dehatmak bodh, the

                                 state of perception in which the body is identified with the self. A time
                                 comes to the Rajayogin when his body seems not to belong to him or
                                 he to have any concern with it. He is not troubled by its troubles or
                                 gladdened by its pleasures; it has them to itself and very soon, because
                                 he does not give his sanction to them, they fall away from it. His own
                                 troubles and pleasures are in the heart and mind, for he is the rajasic
                                 and psychical man, not the tamasic material. It is these that he has to
                                 conquer in order that he may realise God in his heart or in his buddhi
                                 or in both. God seen in the heart, that is the quest of the Rajayogin.
                                                                                 CWSA 1: 507

                                 Tranquilising the mind
                                     Now Pranayam in its proper sense, the mastery of the vital force
                                 in oneself and Nature, is essential to every Rajayogin, but it can be
                                 brought about by much simpler methods. The only physical process
                                 that the Rajayogin finds helpful enough to be worth doing, is nadi-

                                 shuddhi or purification of the nerve system by regular breathing and

                                 this can be done while lying, sitting, reading, writing, walking. This
                                 process has great virtues. It has a wonderfully calming effect on the

                                 whole mind & body, drives out every lurking disease in the system,
                                 awakens the yogic force accumulated in former lives and, even where
                                 no such latent force exists, removes the physical obstacles to the
                                 wakening of the Kundalini shakti.
                                     But even this process is not essential. The Rajayogin knows that by
                                 tranquillising the mind he can tranquillise the body, by mastering the
                                 mind he can master both the body and the prana. This is the great se-

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