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spontaneously, without knowing anything, I happened to give the
        same meaning as that given in religious ceremonies. The vibration
        was really there in the flower itself.... Did it come from the use that
        had been made of it or did it come from very far, from somewhere
        deep down. From a beginning of the psychic life? It would be dif-
        ficult to say.
                                                      CWM 4: 167-68

        Offering of flowers

            Concerning the flowers on the Samadhi, does Sri Aurobindo trans-
            mit a special message through them, apart from their significance?

        I do not think so-that would depend on different cases. It would
        be rather that he would receive messages if people put them into
        the flowers. That is quite possible. It may happen that if people
        put flowers with an intention or a precise prayer, Sri Aurobindo
        receives the message and answers it and that one receives his an-
        swer if one is sufficiently sensitive.

            If our flower-offering depends on our state of consciousness, does
            it help us to learn the significances of flowers even if it is purely
            mental to begin with?

        Yes, surely.

            Have flowers a power in the occult world?

        Yes, they have an occult power; they can even transmit a message
        if one knows how to charge them with it.

            Can the flowers transmit other messages apart from the signifi-
            cances you have given
        It is not impossible but the person who sends the message must

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